Plavix side effects not fully disclosed to consumers

Harvey Kirk

By Harvey Kirk
Posted October 29, 2006


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Two studies have demonstrated the risks associated with Plavix, yet the manufacturer has failed to properly warn of the Plavix side effects.  By failing to inform consumers about the risks associated with their blood thinner, the manufacturers have put users at risk of serious injury.

  • In February 2005, a New England Journal of Medicine Plavix study indicated that individuals with a history of ulcers or who are prone to gastrointestinal problems are 12 times more likely to experience reoccurrence of bleeding ulcers than those taking aspirin and a heart burn pill.
  • In March 2006, a study found that there was no benefit in combining Plavix and aspirin to reduce the risk of heart attacks and strokes.  In fact, that research found that patients with high cholesterol or high blood pressure experienced two times the risk of having a first heart attack or stroke on Plavix.

Many believe that Sanofi-Aventis and Bristol-Myer Squibb failed to disclose the Plavix dangers out of fear that it would impact the $6.4 billion dollars in annual sales of their blockbuster drug.  These actions are consistent with the recent disclosure of that the Bristol-Myer Squibb CEO fraudulently attempted to keep Plavix generics from reaching the market so that they could maintain exclusive right to sell the blood thinner.  As a result of the actions of the executives surrounding the Plavix generic, criminal investigations are under way.

The failure to notify consumers and the medical community of the Plavix side effects has denied individuals the ability to make an informed decision about the risks and benefits of the medication.  This appears to be another example of a corporation placing profits above the safety and health of their consumers.

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