Hundreds of people throughout the United States have experienced problems following hip replacement surgery where a Zimmer Durom Cup was implanted. The lawyers at Saiontz & Kirk, P.A. have been reviewing potential Zimmer hip replacement lawsuits for individuals who have experienced a loosening of the cup or required additional hip revision surgeries.

Last month, Zimmer announced that they were halting sales of the Durom Cup hip implant due to a large number of problems reported. This decision came months after doctors first reported that the Zimmer Durom Cups were failing and often required revisions. For months, Zimmer has been making statements that attempt to shift the blame for the Durom Cup problems onto doctors, and they have refused to take any responsibility.

However, recently some of the individuals who have contacted our Zimmer Durom Cup lawyers to review a potential hip replacement lawsuit, report that indirect indications are being made by doctors and Zimmer sales representatives, that Zimmer may now be considering offers of compensation for those who required revision surgery. These indirect suggestions of an intention to offer compensation, appear to be simply an attempt to delay victims from obtaining a lawyer.

Our product liability lawyers have seen tactics like this employed in the past by manufacturers who sold a defective device. In most cases, as we saw with the Medtronic Sprint Fidelis Leads last year, direct pre-lawyer settlement offers only provide a small fraction of the actual cost of the surgery their device required and provide no compensation for what the patient was put through. In other cases, the offers are never actually made, and the “overtures” of settlement are only suggested to discourage people from properly investigating and documenting their claim.

In prior orthopedic implant cases, settlement offers have been made by the manufacturer to cover portions of the medical costs associated with the defective devices. However, in our experience, these offers do not fairly compensate for what the patient was put through and are usually only a small fraction of the true value of a case.


If Zimmer wanted to do the right thing from the beginning, they would have accepted responsibility for the failures of their Durom Cup hip implants and already would have covered the full cost of subsequent revisions and hip replacement surgeries that people have had to go through. Instead they decided to continuing selling the defective Durom Cups for months with inadequate warnings and instructions for doctors.

If you, a friend or family member have experienced problems after a hip replacement surgery where you suspect the Zimmer Durom Cup may have been used, free consultations are available to help determine if financial compensation may be available. To have a potential case reviewed by our Zimmer Durom lawyers, request a free consultation and claim evaluation.