Chantix Problems Draw Humorous SNL Parody

Austin Kirk

By Austin Kirk
Posted January 10, 2012


Last weekend, Saturday Night Live featured a humorous take on the dangerous and potentially deadly side effects of Chantix, a heavily promoted stop-smoking drug that has been linked to an increased risk of suicidal thoughts and unusually aggressive behavior.

The lawyers at Saiontz & Kirk, P.A. represent individuals throughout the United States who are pursuing a Chantix lawsuit against Pfizer as a result of their failure to adequately warn about the risk of suicide and aggressive behavior.

Since our law firm started handling these cases in late 2007, Pfizer has made a number of changes to the drug label and to the warnings that accompany their direct-to-consumer television advertisements. While the current warnings are not as outrageous as those featured in this parody (no you will not get “Jazz Hands”), the Saturday Night Live “commercial” does highlight the outrageous risk that is associated with this prescription medication.

Chantix (varenicline tartrate) is a Pfizer drug that was approved in May 2006 to aid people trying to quit smoking. The drug is not a nicotine replacement product, but rather acts on the brain to diminish the desire to smoke. However, it appears that Pfizer failed to adequately research or study their medication before introducing it and failed to properly warn about the risk of serious and potentially life-threatening Chantix problems.

Setting aside the humor of the SNL Chantix “commercial”, the problems with Chantix are very real and have impacted hundreds of people throughout the United States. The drug has regularly been one of the medications with the most adverse event reports to the FDA’s MedWatch reporting system and it has been linked to more than 400 reported incidence of violence over a five year period, which is more than double the number of instances linked to any other drug on the market in the U.S.


The Chantix lawyers at Saiontz & Kirk, P.A. are continuing to review potential claims involving death or serious injury that may have been caused by the use of the stop smoking drug. To review a potential claim for yourself, a friend or family member, request a free consultation and case evaluation.

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  • terri says:

    I can’t help but believe that once word officially gets out…there will be even MORE of a windfall of Chantix lawsuits. While SNL put a humorous spin on the unpredictable behavior this pill brings on…it was actually “spot on.” I know for a fact how powerful and sneaky this little blue pill is. I, along with a million others…took Chantix in good faith and were excited at the prospect of quitting smoking! We trusted blindly everyone involved in the process. Never again. Learned the hard way what really goes on in big pharma companies and the corrupt behavior brought on by greed between the doctors AND FDA. I had no idea.

    Posted on January 11, 2012 at 10:01 am

  • Brenda says:

    Since July I,ve had six broken bones. An two major surgeries. Hip surgery and a femur bone compound fracture surgery,it has been two months and I,m still in a lot of pain. The surgeon said I will never walk the same again. I use a walker, I,m so afraid of falling. Every break I,ve had I had no idea how they happened, except for the femur, I fell after tripping on a throw rug, but the doctor said ther is no way I shoul have gotten that bad a injury from falling to the floor. He said you get that kind in a car reck.

    Posted on January 30, 2012 at 11:48 am

  • Gail says:

    Chantix recalled and production halted , They found after 15 years of producing this dangerous medication that it contains carcinogens and will be taken off pharmacy shelves 6/25/2021
    Scary stuff for a little pill that helps you quit smoking actually causes cancer. I wonder if my 2019 cancer diagnosis was from taking Chantix in 2008?

    Posted on June 25, 2021 at 7:41 am

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