Are There Any Out-of-Pocket Fees or Expenses to Hire An Attorney for Mirena IUD Complications?



The attorneys at Saiontz & Kirk, P.A. handle all Mirena IUD lawsuits on a contingency fee basis, which means that all cases are investigated and pursued with absolutely no out-of-pocket fees or expenses paid by our clients. Our law firm is only paid out of any financial recovery that is obtained for injuries and complications caused by Mirena birth control. If we do not win the case, we are paid nothing.

Through the use of contingency fees, our Mirena attorneys are able to provide the highest quality of representation to every client — regardless of their individual financial resources.

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Bayer Healthcare, the manufacturer of Mirena, is a global pharmaceutical company that generates billions of dollars in profits each year. The popular birth control implant is a significant part of Bayer’s business, with more than 2 million women in the U.S. using Mirena, and 15 million women implanted with the IUD worldwide.

As a result of Bayer’s aggressive marketing and decision to place their desire for profits before consumer safety, women throughout the United States have suffered severe and devastating injuries, including:

Given their position as a global pharmaceutical company, Bayer can and will devote millions of dollars to defending the litigation in an attempt to avoid paying Mirena settlements to users who suffered severe injuries. Contingency fees allow our Mirena attorneys to help level the playing field.

Saiontz & Kirk, P.A. is a nationally recognized personal injury and product liability law firm, which has represented client throughout the United States who have recovered millions of dollars in compensation from pharmaceutical companies, including a number of prior lawsuits against Bayer involving other birth control products that were sold without adequate warnings, such as Yaz, Yasmin, Ocella and Beyaz.

Our law firm has the resources and experiences to hold Bayer accountable for Mirena IUD injuries.


The law firm of Saiontz & Kirk, P.A. provides free consultations and claim evaluations for women throughout the United States who have required medical treatment for problems caused by the Mirena IUD birth control. At this time, new cases are only being reviewed for pseudotumor cerebri (PTC), which may result in the development of severe headaches, vision problems and other side effects after receiving a Mirena IUD.

To have your claim reviewed by an experienced Mirena IUD attorney, request a free consultation by completing our on-line form or call our office toll free at (800) 522-0102. After receiving a confidential consultation, if it is determined that we believe we can causally connect an injury suffered by yourself or a family member to the birth control device, it is your decision whether to hire one of our Mirena law firm.

Austin Kirk

Last Updated September 17, 2018

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  • Shannon says:

    I had the Mirana IUD inserted back in 2006 shortly after my daughter was born. I wanted something that was going to be absentminded persay as myself being a new mother. Something low maintenance not mushy side effects etc. as I look back now it was all too good to be true!! I went into surgery less then a year after having the IUD inserted with heavy bleeding, severe pain, and palvic inflammatory diease. As I woke up from the meds my mother told me that they had to remove several cyst and liaisons and I had massive scar tissue. A few months later I got PID again and have it at least 3X a year since! I had a horrible time trying to conceive my son which took four more years, I have had a UTI at least once a month since the IUD was first inserted, I still suffer with painful sexual intercourse, more then normal heavy bleeding and clots on each cycle which is never normal or on time each month! My son was born with abnormal test results and six weeks early I was also high risk my whole pregnancy. I have severe nerve damage on my right side from where the IUD was imbedded into my uteruas. I would never recommend this product to my worst enemy!

    Posted on June 21, 2013 at 12:34 am

  • Amy says:

    My name is Amy and I have breast cancer for the second time. I am 42 years old. When I had my last child at the age of 26, I had the mirena placed as a contraceptive, with that said, I had no warnings of a increase linked to breast cancer or any cancer for that matter. My mirena was changed 3 times in 15 years.

    My breast cancer is estrogen and progesterone driven in the high 90%. I had a double mastectomy in 2010 at age 31. My cancer came back in the summer of 2020. I am currently going through chemo, then radiation and then 9 years on tamoxifen.

    Posted on February 5, 2021 at 10:47 am

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