Saiontz & Kirk, P.A. provides a free consultation and claim evaluations to help determine if you may be entitled to compensation. ▸ REVIEW YOUR CASE

To begin the process of pursuing compensation, request a free consultation and legal claim review.  This can be done by completing the information on the right side of each page, or by clicking here.

A representative will contact you to review the circumstances surrounding your potential claim in further detail. 

You can also call our toll free 1 (800) 522-0102, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Requesting a consultation and claim review does not form an attorney-client relationship, and there is no obligation to pursue a claim affter having your potential claim evaluated.

The request simply begins the review process to determine whether you or a family member may be entitled to compensation.  You decide whether you wish to use our services to pursue a recovery.


Requesting a free consultation and claim investigation will put you touch with a member of our legal team to obtain information about your potential claim.  The facts surrounding your case will be reviewed by an attorney to determine if you may be eligible for compensation. You will have an opportunity to speak with one of our lawyers to review any questions or concerns you have.

Often a determination is made during your initial telephone interview.  If we believe you may be entitled to compensation, it is your decision whether you wish to move forward with the investigation of your case.  Sometimes it is necessary that we review the circumstances surrounding your claim in further detail with our experts and litigation committee before we can determine if we are able to pursue a claim.  If that is the case, you will be contacted shortly with our final determination.


Once you decide that you wish to move forward with your claim, an attorney-client relationship will be formed.  We will forward a contingency fee retainer agreement which must be signed and return to our office so that we can move forward and pursue a recovery.

The contingency fee retainer agreement will outline and confirm that there are no fees or expenses unless we obtain a recovery for you.  All of our fees and expenses are contingent upon our obtaining a recovery for you.  Contingency fees allow you to obtain the best and most experienced representation with no out of pocket expenses.


Once the contingency fee retainer agreement is signed and returned to our office, your claim will be documented and pursued.  If we are unable to negotiate a fair and reasonable settlement with the at fault party, we will move forward with litigation and present your case in court.  During the course of our representation we may associate with specific co-counsel who have certain expertise necessary for your claim at no additional cost.  In addition, the top experts will be retained to document your claim and establish liability on the at-fault party.

Once representation begins, the exact time and steps involved in obtaining compensation will be different for every claim.  During the course of representation you will be kept advised of the status of your claim and you will have access to a toll free telephone number to speak with us and review your claim.


At the conclusion of your claim, we only get paid and reimbursed for expenses if we secure compensation for your injuries.  All settlement offers are reviewed with you in detail and you make the final decision whether to accept any offer.  Although our fee is based on the recovery obtained, you still maintain complete control over your case and make all decisions about settlement.

After a settlement offer is accepted or a verdict is obtained at trial, you will be provided with a detailed Disbursement Sheet outlining the disbursement of all funds.  This sheet will itemize the fees and expenses, and clearly explain the disbursement of all funds.

If you have any further questions at any time during the process of reviewing the claim or pursuing a recovery, our attorneys are available to review them with you.  To begin the process, request a free consultation and claim evaluation.