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Beovu (brolucizumab) was introduced by Novartis in October 2019, as an injection to treat wet age-related macular degeneration (AMD). However, early warnings provide by the drug maker failed to disclose that users may face a risk of suffering severe and potentially blinding vision problems.

In June 2020, the FDA announced that new warning information would be added about the risk that Beovu may cause retinal vasculitis and retinal vascular occlusion injuries after receiving the injection.

As a result of these Beovu side effects, users are now told about the importance of seeking immediate care from an opthalmologist if they experience any change in vision following a Beovu injection.

If earlier warnings had been provided about the link between this severe eye inflammation and Beovu, vision problems may have been avoided by many early users of this drug. As a result, financial compensation may be available through a Beovu lawsuit for individuals who experienced problems.

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Beovu Vision Risks

Beovu (brolucizumab) is part of a class of drugs known as anti-vascular endothelial growth factor therapy, or anti-VEGF. However, it appears that Beovu injections may pose a unique risk that has not been linked to other drugs in this class.

Shortly after the drug was introduced in late 2019, reports began to emerge about problems with severe eye inflammation from Beovu, known as Retinal Vasculitis. The involves a serious inflammation of the vascular branches of the retinal artery, which may result in:

  • Blurry Vision
  • Visual Floaters
  • Dark Spots
  • Difficulty Distinguishing Colors
  • Distorted Appearance for Straight Objects

In severe cases, this Beovu inflammation may result in Retinal Vascular Occlusion, where the vein become blocked. This can result in permanent damage to the retina, resulting in complete vision loss and blindness.

While failing to warn about these Beovu vision risks, Novartis began to aggressively promote their new drug. As a result, an estimated 46,000 Beovu injections were administered during the first three months it was on the market and the pharmaceutical company generated $68 million in sales during the first quarter of 2020.

In February 2020, the American Society of Retina Specialists issued an alert for members about an emerging safety risk with Beovu, indicating that it was aware of at least 14 cases of vasculitis. Among those cases were at least 11 designated by medical providers as a more severe occlusive retinal vasculitis from Beovu.

Rather than immediately issuing a Beovu recall or warning users, Novartis issued a statement that attempted to suggest that the rates of problems with Beovu were low. However, the drug maker did agree to launch an internal safety review.

In June 2020, data from a 96 week clinical trial involving Beovu was published in the medical journal Opthalmology, which highlighted the serious vision risks faced by users.

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Timeline of Beovu Problems

October 7, 2019:

FDA approves Beovu (brolucizumab) for treatment of wet age-related macular degeneration (AMD).

February 21, 2020:

The American Society of Retinal Specialists warned members of the group about reports of retinal vasculitis from Beovu.

March 6, 2020:

Novartis issues a statement in response to the Beovu concerns, minimizing the risk and indicating that it would launch an internal review.

June 2020:

Data published in the medical journal Opthalmology suggests that vision problems from Beovu may impact about 1 out of every 200 patients.

June 11, 2020:

FDA approves updated Beovu warning label (PDF).

Beovu Warning Update: June 2020

Less than 9 months after Beovu was approved, the FDA approved a warning label update for the drug on June 11, 2020 providing information about the risk of retinal vasculitis an retinal vascular occlusion from Beovu.

Users and the medical community are now urged to report any changes in vision without delay, and seek immediate medical treatment from an ophthalmologist if users develop any eye problems following a Beovu injection.

If earlier information had been provided by the manufacturer before they began marketing Beovu, many users may have avoided serious and potentially permanent vision issues.

Allegations Raised in Beovu Class Action Lawsuits

The attorneys at Saiontz & Kirk are reviewing potential claims of vision problems and blindness linked to the side effects of Beovu. Lawsuits will allege that the drum manufacturer:

  • Failed to properly research the Beovu side effects before introducing the drug;
  • Failed to promptly follow through on studies to investigate the potential Beovu vision risks;
  • Failed to provide accurate Beovu warnings for consumers and the medical community;
  • Failed to issue a Beovu recall or safety warnings about the risks users face at certain doses;


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