Traumatic Brain Injury in Children Increases Epilepsy Risk For More than a Decade

Eric Saiontz

By Eric Saiontz
Posted February 24, 2009


According to new research, children and young adults who suffer a traumatic brain injury may face a substantially higher risk of epilepsy, even more than 10 years after their head injury. When a child suffers a traumatic brain injury in an automobile accident, fall or other personal injury, this research highlights the importance of making sure that all long-term effects from the head trauma are documented and that parents should not attempt to make a quick settlement with the insurance company.

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In addition to the range of physical, emotional, cognitive and behavioral effects of a traumatic brain injury which can surface immediately following a head injury, a Danish team of researchers warn that the long term effects may not surface for many years.

According to the study released online Monday by The Lancet, the risk of epilepsy is more than two times higher after a mild brain trauma or skull fracture, and the risk increased to almost seven times when there is a serious brain injury. The risk remains even 10 years later, especially among teens over 15 years old, females and those with a family history of epilepsy.

“Traumatic brain injury is a significant risk indicator for epilepsy many years after the injury. Our data suggests a long time interval for potential, preventative treatment of high-risk patients,” the authors of the study concluded. “Drug treatment after brain injury with the aim of preventing post-traumatic epilepsy has been discouraging, but our data suggest a long time interval for potential, preventive treatment of high risk patients.”


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