Zimmer NexGen Knee Replacements Recalled

Harvey Kirk

By Harvey Kirk
Posted April 22, 2011


Tens of thousands of components used as part of some Zimmer NexGen knee replacements were recalled last year, but hardly any consumers know about. The artificial knee implants appear to have been removed from the market due to manufacturing defects and reports of Zimmer NexGen knee problems that caused individuals to experience loosening of the components and the need for knee revision surgery in some cases.

>>INFORMATION: Zimmer NexGen Knee Recall Lawsuit

The product liability lawyers have been reviewing potential claims for over a year on behalf of individuals who have experienced problems with a Zimmer knee replacement. Individuals may be entitled to compensation and benefits through a Zimmer NexGen knee replacement recall lawsuit as a result of the manufacturers failure to adequately test and research their device or warn about the risk of problems.


In September 2010, Zimmer NexGen recalls were issued for several components used in the knee replacement systems. Although the company reportedly sent letters to surgeons and hospitals asking for the components to be returned, no press release appears to have been issued by Zimmer and little or no effort was made to inform consumers about the potential problems with certain Zimmer NexGen artificial knees.

The largest recall was for NexGen TM Tibial Trays, NexGen MIS Tibial Components and MIS Modular Tibial Plates and Keels. That recall affected 68,384 knee components which had been distributed through 13 different states. The parts were recalled following at least 114 complaints of loosening or other problems Zimmer NexGen knee replacements, which resulted in the need for revision surgery in some cases.

That market withdrawal was followed by a smaller, but worldwide, Zimmer NexGen LPS component recall affecting some flex gender femoral components and femoral components. Those Zimmer knee replacements were recalled due to non-conformity and inconsistent geometry.

>>FDA Links: Zimmer NexGen MIS Recall
Zimmer NexGen LPS Recall
Zimmer NexGen LPS Flex Gender Recall


The Zimmer NexGen knee lawyers at Saiontz & Kirk, P.A. are investigating potential class action lawsuits and individual injury claims for individuals who have suffered an injury due to Zimmer NexGen implant failure. To review a potential claim for a defective or recalled Zimmer knee replacement received by yourself, a friend or family member, request a free consultation and claim evaluation.

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  • jane says:

    I had a Gender Solutions total knee replacement on 9/3/2008. I have the medical records but no details other than what I just stated. It has always been painful; just wondered if there was a problem with the implant. I did all my physical thereapy and weigh about 107. I was always told to stay slim because that would help with knee recovery.

    Posted on June 26, 2011 at 7:14 pm

  • Zakiyyah says:

    Jane, I suggest you go and get x-rays from another physician, as the one who performed your surgery may not want to implicate himself if there is something wrong. My sister had a knee replacement and was just at a year, however, she always had pain, and it just never got better. She went to another orthopedist and sure enough, the implant was broken. She is in the hospital as I write this recovering from revision surgery. We don’t have much info about the manufacturer at this point, but intend to find out. Who wants to go through that pain twice out of negligence?!

    Posted on July 8, 2011 at 11:11 am

  • Mary says:

    I had my first total knee replacement done in 2006 and within 9 months I knew something was wrong. It would jam up and lock. It got infected and I got no more than 80degrees range of motion. within 9 months the doctor had to go back in and do a revision and replace the spacer block and remove the debris and clean it out. I sympathize with you all.

    Posted on July 13, 2012 at 1:03 am

  • Sheila says:

    I Had 1st Knee replacement on 9/25/09 and the minute I woke up, I told my hubby that something was wrong. My pain was 10X worse and I was having neuro issues. All of these were immediate. It took me over a yr to find a dr to take me, due to the dr who did original surgery. Bigshot Dr. I was in a tremendous amount of pain. As a nurse myself, I know a lil of what would go on. I litterally sobbed out loud all nite. The nurse got my med order changed, did not make a difference. She was even teary eyed that she couldnt do more and I told her that I understood. Dr came in asked y I was crying, “I said, y do think?” He said I should be snowed with all meds I was on. He said to me, “Well, I hope u never get into an accident, cuz they will never be able to get u outta pain”. And the only note he wrote was, ” had trouble keeping patients pain under controll”. Then I didnt see him for six months. Needless to say, I had and still have excrutiating pain, I have a wheeled walker and a cane at 48. Found out bout Zimmer NexGen Flex Knee that replaced the knee that the FDA pulled from Zimmer. I had to get a total knee replacement again in Nov., 18, 11 and the knee that I was told was fine, actually almost hit the floor when the surgeon cut me open. I had done 22mos of PT, and did everything every dr told me to do and the pain was unbearable. Once I had it replaced, I knew it was aligned immediately, just by site. I could move it better but the pain was still there and remains. I worked as hairdresser for 20 yrs, and nurse for 10 n never had trouble working on my feet. I asked orig dr bout pain mgmnt, he said, ” they dont make pain mgmnt for people like you, you comp patients never get better. Ive lost my job and insurance and couldnt afford cobra at 1400. monthly. I wasnt even gettin full comp checks cuz of the neuro issues. I did get the zimmer out of my body and had a stryker put in n although I still have pain, at least its aligned. Its been almost 4yrs in Dec. of hell, as well as my family. If I stand up and try to do a couple dishes, I end up sobbing cuz the pain goes from its normal 10 right up over a 100% in the matter of minutes. I used to walk everyday n was at bout 146 and now I weigh more than being pregnant. Due to inactivity, and bed ridden, I can do physical wk and with the meds I was on, it packed 70lbs on me. I cant even pick up my new grandchild. This is when I should be in my prime. I will never b able to be a nurse again or cut hair. Had my own shop. My whole families lives have changed. Now I found out that although the new zimmer knee was not recalled, there are several different components that have been. zimmer notified drs and the drs did not notify patients cuz some were not complaining. Have ur sis find out what kind of knee she has. U would be surprised as to how many people r having problems with that knee. One state, maybe Iowa or Indiana has a civil suit with the whole state due to how many complaints they were getting with the zimmer knee. Good luck to all of us, I will pray all ur pain goes away. I have no words to describe what this has done to me and my family. It has caused many more issues. Good luck. Make sure when u get knee, google it and find out if u r allergic to n e thing in it. One had 5% nickle and pt didnt know and she was allergic to it.

    Posted on August 31, 2012 at 12:32 pm

  • kathy says:

    .I had a zimmer nex gen knee replacement in November 2008. It’s been iin so much pain d tduring the last year. After, a bone scan it was concluded the the screws have come loose and I will be having a revision surgery in January 2013. I would have it now if i could afford it but have to wait until then because of expenses.

    Posted on September 2, 2012 at 10:28 pm

  • Sherry says:

    I had total knee replacements (zimmer) in 2004, both knees @ same time. I’m getting some major pain lately and my left knee has given out on me 4 times now. I’m going to be seeing my surgeon. I was told these replacements would be good for 30 yrs. I can’t imagine having to go through the surgeries again and all that rehab. I’m not quite sure if the replacements are exactly the same as what I’m reading on here. Like Sheila said, good luck to all of us.

    Posted on October 11, 2012 at 10:39 am

  • jack says:


    Posted on May 14, 2013 at 2:45 pm

  • Kevin says:

    I had a Zimmer knee installed may of 2011. Yesterday 12-20-13 the joint is dropping apart when I pick up my leg to walk causing exteme pain. I am making an appointment Monday to have it checked. I thinks its worn out. It has always made grinding noise when I get up from a crouch. Doctor said that was the plastic knee cap. Now I realize that was incorrect.

    Posted on December 21, 2013 at 1:49 pm

  • ERIC says:

    I had a Zimmer persona put in back in 2015… now I have a Zimmer lcck revision in and am still having issues. I’m told to either fuse the leg or amputate

    Posted on April 5, 2019 at 8:04 am

  • clarence says:

    I am in Minnesota had the zimmernexgen knees installed in 2015 have had swelling and numbness since,I need help with this case

    Posted on May 6, 2023 at 7:53 pm

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