Since our law firm began reviewing potential da Vinci surgery lawsuits, our lawyers have spoken with a number of individuals throughout the United States who have experienced severe and devastating injuries that may have been avoided if they had not undergone robotic surgery using the device.

Based on our investigation, it appears that the manufacturer, Intuitive Surgical, Inc., aggressively marketed this device while attempting to minimize the serious risk of complications and side effects from da Vinci surgery. However, evidence is being to emerge about the surprisingly large number of people who have experienced serious issues after undergoing a da Vinci robotic surgery.

Da Vinci surgery side effects may include damage to the bowel, badder, blood vessels, arteries, ureters, vaginal cuff and other organs or surrounding tissue due to a risk of:

  • Burns and Tears
  • Dehincenses (which involves openings or ruptures of organs, allowing fluids or contents to leak out)
  • Hematomas (which involves a collection of blood outside the blood vessels)
  • Sepsis or Infections
  • Fistulas (which involves an abnormal connection or passageway between two organs or vessels that do not normally connect)

Many of the effects experienced by individuals following robotic surgery appear to be related to the use of monopolar energy to cut, burn and cauterize tissue. In addition, the da Vinci robot may have inadequate insulation for the arms, which may become worn or torn in places, allowing the electrical current from the da Vinci robot to “arc” and cause damage outside the operative field.

In addition to problems with the design and marketing of the device, Intuitive Surgical also failed to adequately train surgeons or proctor them on the proper use of their complex robot.

Many hospitals allow physicians to perform da Vinci surgery on live patients after only receiving limited training, yet emerging research suggests that the risk of side effects from da Vinci surgery may be substantially higher with less experienced surgeons, and some procedures require hundreds of cases before a surgeon becomes proficient with the technique.


The da Vinci surgery lawyers at Saiontz & Kirk, P.A. are reviewing potential cases for individuals and families throughout the United States. To request a free consultation to determine if financial compensation may be available as a result of serious da Vinci side effects experienced following surgery, request a case evaluation.