The lawyers at Saiontz & Kirk are no longer investigating Baxter Infusion Pump Lawsuits.  The information on this page is provided for information purposes only.

Certain Baxter infusion pumps have been recalled as a result of problems which could cause the interruption of life-sustaining medicine. Serious injury or death could be caused by the defective Baxter infusion pumps.

In 2005, sales were stopped for all Baxter Colleague infusion pumps due to battery problems, electronic failures, software glitches and other defects which could cause life sustaining therapy to be interrupted. Although Baxter Healthcare Corp. attempted to repair and upgrade the defective pumps, problems associated with the replacements have caused additional injuries for consumers.

The product liability recall lawyers at Saiontz & Kirk, P.A. reviewed Baxter infusion pump lawsuits for injuries sustained when the delivery of fluids or medication was stopped unexpectedly. Potential cases are being reviewed nationwide.


7/19/2005: Electronic problems caused the pump to shut down unexpectedly.

9/19/2005: The infision pump battery could suffer damage, rendering it unable to operate on battery power.

12/13/2005: Battery indicators could overstate the battery level; sensors could misinterpret tension in the tubing as air in the line; parts of the infusion pump could become worn; failure to detect an upstream occlusion.

7/20/2007: Upgraded replacements for the Baxter triple channel infusion pumps contain software defects which could cause the therapy to be interrupted.

Infusion pumps are devices which administer fluids in ways which would be unreliable or expensive if they were manually given by nurses. They are able to inject controlled amounts of fluid either beneath the surface of the skin (subcutaneously) or within the surface of the central nervous sysetm (epidurally).

In 2005, three separate recalls were issued by the FDA for Baxter infusion pumps which were found to be defective. The problems resulted in a Class I Recall, which means that the defects have a reasonable probability of causing serious harm or death if the infusion pumps are used.

On June 20, 2007, a new Baxter recall was issued after software glitches were discovered in upgraded Colleague Volumetric Triple Channel Infusion Pumps. These devices were distributed as part of the company’s re-institution and repair of their product. Serious and potentially fatal injuries were reported when the upgraded infusion pumps unexpectedly stopped administering medications and fluids.

>>NEWS 7/23/2007: Baxter Infusion Pump Recall


Baxter infusion pump lawsuits are being reviewed nationwide. When an infusion pump is used, the patient relies on the constant administration of medications and fluids to ensure their health. The defects which could cause the pumps to stop working unexpectedly, should have been identified by the manufacturer before they were distributed to hospitals and medical facilities.