UPDATE: Ambien lawsuits no longer being pursued

Austin Kirk

By Austin Kirk
Posted January 10, 2007


After several months of investigating and researching claims for injuries suffered as a side effect of Ambien, the product liability lawyers of Saiontz & Kirk have announced that they are no longer pursuing legal claims against the manufacturer.  All individuals who contacted the law firm for representation have been notified that no further actions will be taken to pursue Ambien lawsuits.

Ambien is a sleep medication which has been linked to side effects including sleep walking, sleep driving and sleep eating.  As a result, many Ambien users have suffered serious, and sometimes catastrophic, injuries after taking the medication.  Although it appears clear that the medication is responsible for causing the injuries suffered by many of these users, based on information currently available, it does not seem likely that Ambien lawsuits would be successful if pursued through the court system.

The decision to move forward with any legal claim for a defective product or medication involves significant research and investigation.  To move forward with Ambien lawsuits through the court system on behalf of clients, it is necessary that sufficient evidence and expert opinions exist to meet the burden of proof necessary to be successful in court.

At this time, based on the information currently available and the discussions which have occured with various experts, our product liability lawyers have determined that we are unable to proceed with these claims.  The potential for Ambien lawsuits will continue to be monitored in the future, but no further individual claims are being reviewed on behalf of individuals injured after taking the medication.  If there is any change in the status of the investigation of Ambien side effect claims, information will be posted here.

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Saiontz & Kirk is a national law firm which handles a variety of serious personal injury claims, including medical malpractice, cerebral palsy birth injuries, nursing home neglect and defective products.  Some of the defective medications and medical products we are currently investigating and pursuing lawsuits on behalf of clients nationwide include:

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  • janet C. Kercher says:


    Posted on September 14, 2007 at 9:34 am

  • Austin Kirk says:

    Ms. Kercher, please note that we are no longer investigating potential claims associated with Ambien side effects. I wish you the best in your defense of these charges, but our office will be unable to assist you with any legal claim.

    Posted on September 14, 2007 at 10:38 am

  • mary pauly says:

    TO Janet Kercher – me too – just the other night – what happend with your court case?

    Posted on September 30, 2007 at 10:54 am

  • Pam says:

    Janet and Mary,
    I am sorry to hear about your cases – please share with me what happened to my email.
    My friend that lives with me could have killed us Oct. 18, 2007. Whenever he takes the Ambien I feel like I have to stay awake all night to monitor him for his safety and mine. I had finally dosed off about 7 am after being up monitoring him all night(he was in bed sleeping) I hear him about 7:30 and open my bedroom door to an overwhelming smell of gas(he had been cooking) – I go to the kitchen and he had turned the gas burner on without it lighting. NO recollection of any of this by him after the fact.
    I will be posting my last 3 years experience with him taking it on askdocweb.com here in the next few days.
    Thank God I woke up! This drug needs to be taken off the market.

    Posted on October 20, 2007 at 10:40 am

  • Pam says:

    opps my email is:
    mortgage_consultants (at) hotmail.com (EDIT – removed the “@” to prevent email address from being picked up by spam bots)

    Posted on October 20, 2007 at 10:40 am

  • suzanne crawley says:

    I lost my job as a school teacher because of Ambian’s side effects. I too was arrested, charged and convicted of DWI. I don’t remember a thing until I woke up in a jail cell. My lawyer did his best but the judge had never heard of Ambian. I took a doctor perscribed medication and followed the directions and it ruined my life. Is there anything I can do so this doesn’t happen to someone else?

    Posted on January 15, 2008 at 3:05 pm

  • j rider says:

    Let’s Talk:
    I had 4-5 accidents using abmien.
    I became so addicted, I was buying it over the internet…
    It cost me hundreds of thousands of dollars!-yes 6 figures
    i almost got convicted of a felony
    The stuff is unpredictible


    Posted on February 4, 2008 at 1:56 am

  • Jeanie says:

    I had same experience … drove … wrecked … was arrested and charged with a DUI … had to do 3 days as well as loosing an employment opportunity…only took the drug that week…all my blood and urine screens proved i only had ambien – nothing else Charges were never dropped I just want this company to take this off the market – not line my pocket!

    Posted on February 21, 2008 at 1:18 pm

  • doug says:

    i took ambien for about a month and i woke up in the middle of the night got in my car drove 5 miles to the next town and crashed head on into someone at 5 in the morning now all of us are not making this up there has to be something done about this i have no recollection of anything and i told the cops that the lines in the street were blurry and the parked cars were jumping out at me now does that sound like someone in his right state of mind this stuff is dangerous and my lawyer says its not a defense in my dui case ,….well if taking prescribed meds to go to sleep with the intention on SLEEPING and waking up wih an airbag in your face is not a defense than how is it that a guy gets off for killing someone and his defense was ambien??? how is that i love this country i swear

    Posted on March 23, 2008 at 10:51 pm

  • David says:

    I was also on Ambien, I had been on it for a while and knew I was doing weird stuff in my sleep, but I had no idea it was the Ambien since they were denying there was a problem. I took it one work night, and woke up in a jail cell the next morning. I was pretty sore (I found it it was the airbag that had gotten me). Fortunately I hit a tree and not a person. This drug is going to get people killed and the drug maker does not care as long as they make a profit.

    Posted on June 3, 2008 at 6:27 pm

  • Bob says:

    Dec 19th I had an accident caused by Ambien 12 hours after I took the med. I took it Dec 18 at 11pm and got eight hours sleep. I drove to my appointment at 10am the next morning and driving home at noon I got in my truck to drive home and the next thing I remember in hitting a utility truck. Blood test show the only thing in my system was Ambien, a med. I had taken over 12 hours before. Now I face DUII charges in Oregon and I am fighting it…I go to jury trail Nov. 25. If anyone has info. I too believe it needs to be taken off the market…luckly I hit a utility truck instead of the van with family.

    Posted on August 29, 2008 at 1:36 am

  • BEK says:

    My elderly mother began taking Ambien and became dependent on it. After a few months she became increasingly ill, mostly with GI sypmtoms, and she endured 3 trips to the ER and 3 hospital admissions, with still no diagnosis. We all thought she was dying, as she had lost over 20 lbs and was becoming increasingly symptomatic. Finally she decided to stop taking the Ambien and was able to wean herself off of it in about 2 weeks time. But she is left with panic attacks, increased clautrophobia, depression and a significant personality change. I feel like we have no recourse. This drug has ruined her for probably the rest of her life.

    Posted on August 31, 2008 at 9:23 pm

  • Chuck says:

    A person I know recently died after jumping off a bridge. He had no reason to do it. He had been taking no drugs except Ambien. Why is it so hard to take legal action against the makers? Does anyone know how many deaths have been caused by Ambien?

    If you or someone you know has had a bad experience with Ambien, please email me at actionagainstambien@rocketmail.com.

    Posted on September 6, 2008 at 8:26 pm

  • Dia says:

    Ambien is more dangerous than any drug I’ve read about (legal or illegal) since no one believes you if you suffered the side effects of it. I took the prescribed dosage of 12.5cr at 10pm on a Monday night. I woke my normal time 6ish in the AM on Tuesday.

    I don’t remember driving to work! Co-workers said I showed up acting ‘weird’. I later would go to several stores, purchase alcohol and drive home. I ended up with damage to my car and my body. My sister took me to the hospital the next morning after I phoned her and ‘sounded crazy’. I am thankful to not only be alive, but no jailed and worse of all having killed someone while I was driving!! It sounds unreal but this drug will leave you broke, terrified that some cop is going to show up at your door because you did something you don’t remember or with bumps and bruises. This happened the last week in August 2008. I’ve not taken the drug since and never intend to. I guess it will take a very prominent person to do something stupid before the drug is pulled.

    Posted on September 9, 2008 at 1:55 pm

  • Adrienne says:

    I took ambien on Nov. 6th. I was in pajamas on the bed.

    Later, I drove down a 45 foot ravine, I was found with two large bottles of beer in the front seat! I was charged with a DUI. My license was taken as well. The car was totaled

    I do not remember anything after the ambien effect…..this was told to me by my friend who was told what happenned!

    Dear God, what a nightmare!

    No one has said a word about ambien. Adrienne

    Posted on November 28, 2008 at 12:43 am

  • Brant says:

    I am sorry, but there is a reason why people are having parasomnia. It ALL is related to the fact that people are taking this drug and STAYING AWAKE. Read the documentation. You take the medication and go to bed. OF COURSE it causes amnesia, of course you are high and going out driving. It is a central nervous system altering drug. Take it as directed.

    Posted on December 11, 2008 at 2:43 am

  • Brant says:

    Oh AND…Dia…read the documentation. If you can’t get 8 hours sleep don’t take it.

    Posted on December 11, 2008 at 2:45 am

  • mary says:

    My father was in a fatal car accident after taking Ambien – Sep -08. He did not drink at all, or drive after 8:00pm at night. He was in the process of writing his second book. The only thing “new” in his life was Ambien to help him sleep – this drug cut his life. He drove into a tree 11:45pm under the influence of Ambien. Thank God nobody else was involved … but we mourn 🙁

    Posted on January 21, 2009 at 10:47 pm

  • mary says:

    PS: BRANT … have a F$%@ heart! People take this as directed … that’s not the issue. You must for for the company … but THINK …. do you read everything that’s in fine print ? – Do you trust your Doctor ? Do you trust the FDA?

    Have YOU taken Ambien
    Do YOU know what it is like
    Have YOU lost a loved one

    shallow boy U R

    Posted on January 21, 2009 at 10:55 pm

  • john says:

    My sister is in jail and charged with a felony because of Ambien. Sometime after taking it she got up and started her car in an attached garage while her children slept upstairs. Luckily, her oldest child awoke to find her before they all died of CO2 poisoning. She has absolutely no memory of doing any of this.

    Posted on January 27, 2009 at 3:56 pm

  • dm says:

    my dad took ambian to fall asllep, he haited the way it made him feel, but he could sleep through the night. he shot himself inm the head due to the drug. he was depressed he was just about to become a grandfather and now he is just waking up out of his coma. ambian caused my father to go blind and suffer serious brain damage. he has been in icu for almost a month and doesnot remember a thing. he has been evaluated by a psyc and he strongly believes ambian is the cause for his injuries.

    Posted on April 9, 2009 at 3:25 pm

  • dm says:

    i’m sorry i forgot the not befor the depressed, my dad was NOT depressed

    Posted on April 9, 2009 at 3:41 pm

  • Jim says:

    Crashed car in the middle of the night hit a car didn’t remember it,woke up in the morning and did not remember driving the car.#2 hit the next door neighbor car in the m middle of the night while in my boxer shorts .The next door neighbor came the next day to tell me, what i had done that i hit his car , i don’t even remember a thing. #3 And the best one yet , I went to bed woke up in the county jail with bruise on my legs and chest ,I was in county jail for3 days . I make good money and if i was awake i would have called mt attorney to get me bailed out of jail but i did not do anything for 3 days when i came to in jail it was when they were letting me out. I did not know where i was and Check this Out I was in my boxer shorts and tee shirt. I did not remember a Thing Charged whit D U I and and to call my mom to get me a 47yr. old man i ride home .

    Posted on May 3, 2009 at 10:14 pm

  • Robert says:

    I read the posts above and can relate exactly. I got into an arguement with my wife, had a couple drinks and went to bed. Woke up in jail with a police officer holding a bandage to my face. Had only been taking Ambien for two weeks. Spent three days in jail with a broken nose and broken arm from the car wreck which I do not remember. Slept on a cement floor with these injuries, with no idea why I was there! Was dropped off by police downtown after being released with no vehicle or any way to get home. Also, charged with DUI, totaled a classic convertible and went to the hospital for injuries and severe pain because of lack of treatment. THIS DRUG IS BAD…I don’t want money, I WANT THIS DRUG BANNED. My Doc, Pharmacy, State and Attorney ALL stand to make money on my dime. I was NOT warned of any side effects. I could have killed myself and injured or killed others. Something is REALLY wrong!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Posted on September 19, 2009 at 1:14 am

  • Dyanne says:

    I am a firm beleiver that tis is a dangerous drug, I took it while in bed in my bed. The next thing I knew I was in the county jail, talk about freaked out. i have never had so much as a speeding ticket. Here I am whith a DUI and in JAIL. I have never been arrested . I am 52 and was having a spat with my husband , who had decided to stay at our other home about 80 miles away. Apparently during the night I decided to go see him. I drove around 20 miles and was stopped by the police for erratic driving. (thank god they stopped me) Lord knows what could of happened. I am thankful that no one was hurt. When I was stopped. I had on white short coveralls striped knee socks, and a flowered sweater and un matched shoes. This is not me. I would have never thought that htis could happen to me. I think my sub-concious took over and as a result I ended up with this nightmare. I have absolutley no reccollection of the events from 11 PM to around 4am that is so frightening to me, that I lost 5 hours of my life and could have potentially been killed or worse hurt somone else. Remember I was in bed in my PJ’s when I took it. I am not sure what the legal ramifications are or should be but, I followed the directions on the bottle.

    Posted on September 25, 2009 at 10:18 am

  • jlevz says:

    I had been on ambien for about a year. I had some memory loss and ate some food not remembering it but in June of 09 I took it went to bed and was arrested for oui. The next morning dont remember any of it. I have custody of my daughter and live with my g/f. I only took it when my g/f was home never when alone with my daughter due to its power of sedating me. I have lost my license for 6 mos. and thousands to get it back. The FDA needs to do their job and take this off the market and not worry about losing money in their pockets!! Maybe it will take someone in the FDA family to suffer an ambien accident for it to sink in!!

    Posted on November 2, 2009 at 9:56 am

  • arthur says:

    this drug needs tobe custom taylored regimentwith dose and people w/hypertention and or hdad however slight the afflictioh sould not take this drug at all.my brother whom was takeing for over one year strait with im sure days of double doseing thinking getting tolorat of drug made sleep driveing occure 1/27/09 made it 4 houses down wiped out my niebor car.beat up my brother good wakeing up to being in car and crashing not knowing your driveing.next night controled med to him myslf obseved him take one ambien he got some water came to the couch sat down started sureing words and said it takes 2 hour to work.at that momenti knew he was gone bye bye with never closeing eyes.it was him but not him .wearedstuff thats what i know

    Posted on January 9, 2010 at 3:50 am

  • shaun says:

    in july of 2009 i took ambien which i had been on for about 6 months. i was in bed when i took it. i went to sleep and the next thing i know i am being thrown to the ground by police. i was told that i had stollen some rims off a guys car. this happened about 5 miles from my home. i am now on probation for 2 years. luckly no dui. also i am lucky that i didnt end up in the green river. ambien marketers need to be held responsible for the effects of this drug. i dont see how a lawsuit cannot and is not being pursued.

    Posted on March 6, 2010 at 5:19 pm

  • Dan says:

    I was arrested in September 2008 for DWI after going to sleep and sleep driving with Ambien. I had not been drinking. I was naked in my bathrobe and barefoot. The cop pulled me over because I had a flat tire and continuted to drive. I have no recollection of any of this. Luckily, I had a sensible prosecutor, who actually was aware of such cases, who saw the video tape of me in the bathrobe, and saw my medical records that i was taking Ambien, and dismissed my case. I want to sue the makers of Ambien. This drug should not be on the market. And Yes, i DO want money damagages for myself for all the crap I went through. These drug companies make Billions, i deserve a bit of that money for what I went through. If anyone knows any firm taking these cases, please let me know

    Posted on March 9, 2010 at 4:16 pm

  • juanita says:

    I was reading some statements from different people on the web and some of their effects from taking this terrible drug. My husband has been taking ambien for sometime against my telling him not to. He was in a terrible car accident on 4/2/10 and will probably not be able to use his right eye again. The accident was his fault he had a stop sign which he stopped at but then proceeded to go through the intersection, probably thinking they had a stop. The reason I think it had to do with ambien is that this was his route to deliver things and has been there many times before. I think it was because he took this sleep aid late the night before and wasn’t thinking properly.

    Posted on April 21, 2010 at 2:32 pm

  • Lori says:

    I had been taking this drug for about 2 years, I always took it just before bed and went straight to sleep. My new doctor wanted me to wean off it. and i did it slowly, by breaking them in half, etc, Since going off. I cannot sleep. Maybe 1 hour a night iit’s been 3 mnths, Also I have a horrible mettalic taste in my mouth ttat wont go away, stomach problems, panic attacks and depression. The worst part is the lack of sleep….this can’t go on much longer. Ive lost both my jobs because of this, wish I’d never heard of this drug.

    Posted on July 30, 2010 at 10:18 am

  • Kim says:

    I have been taking Ambien off and on for a few months. 2 nights ago, I was going to kill myself. I have never been depressed, but all of a sudden, I was not only horribly depressed, but suicidal. I had my plan ready, and all the details worked out. I just had to take care of a few things. During the time of taking care of these things, I started to realize that this is not normal, not like me. I was able to find that Ambien can cause severe depression. I am still not ok, but I can get through until it is out of my system.

    Posted on August 4, 2010 at 12:06 am

  • Cindy says:

    Dec 26,2009
    I took ambien for a good nights sleep, and woke up the next day with a broken back after learning I had fallen down the stairs and broke a wall. the rest of the story hasn’t been any better. The pain is angony and I now have a bulging disk and pinched nerves in my spine. I need money to fix this. Please teel me what to do?

    Posted on August 25, 2010 at 2:46 pm

  • Maria says:

    Yes, I do agree that ambien is a dangerous drug. I was fortunate that my husband was observing me after I had taken a ambien. About 30min prior. It had started to take effect. I don,t remember much, but my husband had noticed a big sudden change in me, the way I was acting. It was not me at all. I was walking around the house, looking for something, still don’t know what I was looking for. I acted as if I was drunk. I went into my car that was parked in my garage, started the engine and started to drive forwards into my utility cabinet. According to my husband he started to yell at me, asking me what I was doing. He finally did get me out of the car. The next day when he told me all this I was horrified. Yes, I do believe that this drug is very unpredictable and dangerous.

    Posted on September 12, 2010 at 1:49 pm

  • raissa says:

    Just lost a family member due to sucide after taking ambien for only about 45 days and the month before was unbelivable events — no one knew the effects

    Posted on February 20, 2011 at 6:41 am

  • Vicki says:

    My brother gpt out of bed got his gum went to the garage starting shooting his gun at the back of the house, his wife called the police, a Swat team came out (5) officers, they say he shot 18 shots and they shot close to 200, his gun jammed and they tazared him and arrested him for five counts of attempted murder. He does not remember anything and it has been ~ 7 weeks and he still does not remember anything. He has been on ambien for many years and based on his wife’s account of how many was missing he apparantly took three and does not remember anything. Can this be addressed with Ambien makers? My brother has never been in any trouble.

    Posted on March 31, 2011 at 10:25 am

  • Darryl says:

    Driving one morning and noticed my friends car wrecked on the side of highway with police behind it. I stopped to inquire and police told me my friend was in jail for DUI. I went to get him out and he literally was still sleep walking and told me he didn’t remember anything except taking sleeping pills before bed. I asked what pills, he said Ambien. I didn’t know these side effects until reading this and he didn’t know either. Now he has to go to court get car fixed and pay tickets! This is too real to believe NOONE is doing anything about it!

    Posted on April 25, 2011 at 1:10 am

  • ronnie says:

    i took ambien and woke up with a 7 year prison sentence for crashing my vehicle into a building and threatening an officer and don’t remember a damn thing. i just got out after doing the entire sentence. Ambien sucks!

    Posted on October 14, 2011 at 6:43 pm

  • randy says:

    Mine wife shoot herself in the head april 11, 2011. I had her blood tested and it can back with high amounts of ambien.she was a god loving person. I blame ambien for her suicide. She no idea wants she was doing.

    Posted on October 27, 2011 at 11:35 pm

  • Tatiana says:

    I am just wondering how many more people will have to die, go to jail, be treated for long term diseases, loose their jobs, families and friends until the law(Lawers), who iare supposed to protect the citizens, take a stand on it. We have these big controversies about marijuana, alcohol, and other drugs, but nobody (except the afflicted patients or families of Ambien actual/former users) are trying to do something about it. What a shame! Isn’t the justice system supposed to protected us? Isn’t the FDA supposed to to protect us? Aren’t Lawers supposed to defend our cases no matter what, until the end? Ambien harmed users are not on it for the money. All they want is to ban a lethal drug from the market!!! I can’t help but just ask myself which segment is on it for the money, on way or another.

    Posted on November 20, 2011 at 12:13 am

  • Ron says:

    My Ambien story luckily does not involve being pulled over for DUI but I guarantee if I had been pulled over I would have went to jail. At 3:30 in the morning after working a 10 hour shift I took 1 Ambien and went straight to bed. I can’t say when I got up. I know I worked on a deck of mine simply by the progress made. I fell sometime that day but didn’t know it until the next day when I got out of the shower. I had two large scrapes on my left foot and one on the left side of my forehead above my eye. I don’t remember drinking but, I was even though I had to work that afternoon. The next thing I remember is being confronted at work by a supervisor and my manager after going to work at 3:30 and them asking me how I got the scrape on my head. I didn’t know I had fallen earlier at home so I told them I bumped it on some equipment. I failed a breathalyzer test and was fired after 17 years of employment with a perfect work record. Even though I was fired for failing the breathalyzer test I blame the Ambien. I couldn’t remember hardly anything that went on that day. I was truly an Ambien zombie that day and I’m lucky I didn’t hurt or kill anyone by driving under the influence. Ambien has turned my life completely upside down and for the first time in my life feel a lawsuit justifiable. I lost a 60k a year job.

    Posted on November 20, 2011 at 12:56 pm

  • marci says:

    My 24 year old son commited suicideby shooting himself in the head on nov 4,2011. He was taking zolpidem under doctors care. The pain I feel is unspeakable. if i can save another person pain i would in a minute.

    Posted on November 30, 2011 at 7:47 am

  • Cindy says:

    I did all these things and more. I am completely shut out from family because when I took it I was alone and no one saw what happened to me. But people would tell me I called them and would tell them what I was doing or going to do. My family think I was just drunk or something…I told them I took Ambien but they said I was making excuses. I had slurred speech, I’m sure thats why they thought I was drinking. I woke up one morning completely upside down behind a recliner against a wall…..the neighbors moved out soon after that. men told me I was calling them to come over and &%$#@ me! Now, this is not ” me” at all. I woke up at times and had put on 5 or 6 different outfits at once. I had vivid hallucinations and night terror. I never knew what I did the next day unless someone told me.
    I now have no one…….no one at all. All friends and family have abandoned me because of my bizare behavior.
    Please people…..don’t take this stuff! It will ruin your life

    Posted on May 21, 2012 at 6:02 pm

  • Dolly says:

    No one is saying much about how ambien caused memory loss in just day to day life. I have been suffering from insomnia for years, and finally my doctor prescribed Ambiem. I’m not one to trust meds…I have always beeen healthy, except for arthritis, for which I take only aspirin, and even with that, I’ll take it only if I am in so much pain that it gets unbearable. I simply don’t like to take pills, period. But with the ambien, I felt I had to have help for sleeping…..you can only go so long without proper sleep. However, I would still only take it now and then, to catch up on sleep. I was given 10 miligram tablets, but after about a year, I decided to cut back, and take it only when I was desperate for sleep, and if I did, I would only take half a one. But after taking it that long I began to realize my memory was failing me. I couldn’t remember things ,like where I put things, what I was doing, what I was talking about, couldn’t remember words, phone numbers, dates, days of the week, what time is was, ….and I know this sounds like altzhiemers, but I know it is caused by taking this drug. The worst part is, I’m still suffering frrom this daily memory loss….all the symtoms stated above, I still deal wtih. Now, it is causing me severe depression. Now, I so often do things, and then not remember doing them, like making my bed, calling someone, loading the washer, just all kinds of things, and lots of times I find I did these things during the night, when I thought I had been asleep. I am so thankful I havent driven the car, as so many others are saying here. Just reading these stories/experiences people have suffered is horrifying and my heart goes out to all of the victims. Line our pockets? I never did believe in sueing anyone. This was a religious conviction. But now? Right now, I feel like the quality of my life is destroyed. And from what I am reading here, others have certainly found theirs ruined. I wish we could all get together and file suit!!!!! As far as I am concerned, the biggest drug pushers around are the pharmacutical companies, and trust me when I say that the FDA backs them, and get’s paid to do it, and while they poison us, and keep us all doped up, they live in luxury, have it all, and could care less. Sue them? There should be no question. Maybe not in this lifetime, but in the next, they will stand before a court of law, and they WILL face judgement, and they WILL pay. And that thought gives me great comfort.

    Posted on October 13, 2012 at 4:53 am

  • tina says:

    thank god…..for this web sight………i thought i was losing my mind..and now that i quit taking ambin……..i still have memory loss…………..everythig that was said on this sight is true……i have done all the above…….not a little. but big time
    i have loss family. husband , kides,,they thought i loss my mind. i did try to tell my doctor..did not believe me. is there anything i can do to get memory back……..thank god i didnt kill someone in my car….or killed myself..were do i go from here…..i am only 45 years old

    Posted on October 21, 2012 at 4:54 pm

  • allan says:

    my wife took ambien was resting i left for no more then 30 minutes to get pizza, while i was gone she got up put 3 grand kids in the car seat belted no less drove out and hit a car came home parked the car in the driveway, when i got home the grandkids told me they were in a wreck i couldnt belive it. their grandma was in the shower and didnt remember anything at all. she was later arrested for dui and spent the night in jail, until i could raise bail money? this all happened because of ambien im sure but we dont know what to do we are searching for a lawyer with exsperience in this matter.

    Posted on November 11, 2012 at 9:44 pm

  • Regina says:

    My neighbor was taking ambien and also lortab because he supposedly had PTSD from being in the military. One night he had taken his medication and mixed it with alcohol. At 3:30 am he pulled a .40 from under his pillow, held it up to his bedroom wall and fired 5 shots into my apartment. He thought someone was coming through the wall to get him and he was shooting to kill. On the other side of that wall was my son. The first bullet went through my son’s foot, through his wall and into my room, striking the wall 2 inches beside my head. There was a delay and then he shot the other 4 bullets, luckily we dodged those. I honestly don’t think he was appropriately warned about the side affects and mixing with alcohol. Not to mention the VA did not follow up with him appropriately. We are currently awaiting a trial….he was charged with aggrivated battery with a firearm, firing into an occupied dwelling and discharging a firearm while intoxicated. When he was arrested, his blood alcohol level was .132. Just wondering if I could sue the makers of ambien……

    Posted on May 20, 2013 at 12:35 pm

  • jennifer says:

    Please for those of you that have facebook… search fight against ambien and help me in making my father proud and trying to be the voice that was robbed from him due to this medicine. Like my fb page and pass it along to friends and family. Also you can read our story and experience with the so called safe drug ambien

    Posted on August 21, 2013 at 11:37 pm

  • Ruth says:

    I can not go to sleep for hours after I go to bed, some nights I have read all night. So I thought I had found my answer to good sleep.” AMBIEN! Did not know it was a killer for the road. About 10 P M on Jan..17,2013 . went to bed, had a good night. next day . I got in my car, to go visit my sister. drove about 6 miles and that is all I remember. until I woke up 2 weeks later in the hospital. the dr. told my Son ,He did not think I would make it.. THANK GOD I DID. my left arm and shoulder are still hurt can’t lift or carry any thing heavy, can’t sleep on my left side. have had surgery on it already

    Posted on March 2, 2014 at 1:47 am

  • Kari says:

    took an Ambien to sleep on a Sunday to be refreshed for work on Monday. Ended up sleep walking going downstairs getting food and taking it into my bedroom and eating the food changing my clothe getting into my car and was sleep driving. Someone called the police and said I was driving erratically, the police came and I was charged with a DUI now I’m in big trouble I would never do this and have no idea how it all happened, I could of killed someone, or myself, I’m concerned about other drivers that go out unintentionally in the hipnotic mode it puts in and gets hurt or hurts someone else. I’m very worried about this drug. I also now have lost my driving privileges with many other embarrassing consequences

    Posted on January 28, 2015 at 9:54 am

  • Donovan says:

    I took ambien and woke up the next morning in jail and didnt remember how i got there. I now have petty theft and resisting arrest on my record and it was because I put a snickers bar in my pocket and forgot I had it and argued with the cops. This is a dangerous drug and there arent any active lawsuits that I can find. After reading other people having similar experiences or even worse…how is this not dangerous. Can anybody tell me please? This drug isnt causing some petty organ damage…it is killing people and ruining their lives forever. Hmmmm not worth investigating further…Good decision

    Posted on November 12, 2016 at 10:36 am

  • Steve says:

    After Taking Ambien, I got up during the night and cooked food for 4 people, and had it on the table. I live alone. Don’t remember ever doing any of it. Another time I found my car wheel bent when I went out in the morning, Could not figure out how this could have happened. Later the next day I found a Taco Bell recipt for 2:34 am which I never ever remember .going there. Another time I called a friend and said I had not heard from there in a few weeks, Then he laughed and said I had talked to him for over an hour the night before. Ambien Is a Dangerous drug. I no longer take it and never will again. My problem is I told my Doctor at the time and He had said to me, I have heard that more then one time from several people. They know it and still Prescribe it ! From the things that has happened to me, I believe a person could run over a person and Kill them, and if they made it back home, When a law officer would show up later you could pass a polygraph for you truly don’t remember doing anything and you truly believe it. BAD BAD DRUG !!!

    Posted on May 18, 2017 at 3:44 pm

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