Last month, a Stryker Trident recall was issued for certain hip implant components.  The recall came after months of production problems which have plagued the medical device manufacturer.  Problems with Stryker Trident hip implant parts were discovered following inspections of two different manufacturing plants. The FDA has issued two different warning letters to Stryker Corp. regarding manufacturing problems and poor quality controls which could have resulted in defective Trident hip replacement parts being sold nationwide.

>>INFORMATION: Stryker Trident Problems

The lawyers at Saiontz & Kirk, P.A. are reviewing potential lawsuits on behalf of individuals who suffered an injury as a result of a defective Stryker Trident Hip replacement part. The manufacturer has been aware of potential defects for some time, and failed to take actions which could have prevented serious and permanent injuries for consumers.


2005 – 2007:

Stryker Corp receives an unusually high number of complaints regarding problems with the Trident hip replacement parts, resulting in increased scrutiny from the FDA at their manufacturing facilities in New Jersey and Ireland. Reports of hip replacement problems included users who experienced pain, discomfort, improper wear of the joint implants and a squeaking sound coming from the implant.

March 2007:

Following an inspection of both the Cork, Ireland and Mahway, New Jersey plants, the FDA issued an official warning to Stryker regarding the quality levels at the Ireland facility. The letter indicated that Stryker failed to fix problematic products and known risks. The FDA indicated that this may have been a main causative factor in the problems surrounding the Stryker Trident hip implant problems.

November 2007:

The FDA issues a letter to Stryker regarding problems at the New Jersey plant. The FDA found a number of production issues, including the presence of staph infection causing bacteria and other quality problems. The FDA also indicated that Stryker failed to adequately address reports of problems received between January 2005 and April 2007.

January 22, 2008:

A nationwide Striker Trident recall wasa issued for the Trident Acetabular Cup System and Trident Hemispherical Cup System. Both products, which are used in the socket portion of hip replacements, deviated from internal manufacturing specifications.


If you, a friend or family member have experienced pain, difficulty walking or fractures which could have been caused by a defective Stryker Trident Hip Replacement part, request a free consultation and claim evaluation.