Jalapeno Salmonella Food Poisoning Recall

Over the past two months, over 1,200 confirmed cases of salmonella food poisoning have been linked to a particular strain of bacteria known as Salmonella Saintpaul. While health officials initially thought certain raw tomatoes were responsible for the salmonella outbreak, it now appears that jalapeno peppers… Read More

Harvey Kirk

July 22, 2008 | No Comments

Botulism could be linked to canned green beans

The FDA announced today a nationwide canned green bean recall as a result possible contamination with Clostridium botulinum, the bacteria which causes botulism. Over 6,000 pounds of green beans, which were sold in large institutional-sized 6 pound 5 ounce cans, could potentially cause the potentially life… Read More

Eric Saiontz

December 21, 2007 | No Comments