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Meconium is the fecal material that a baby usually passes soon after birth.  In most cases it is discharged when the baby first feeds. However, it can also be discharged before birth or during delivery due to fetal distress.  When this occurs the fecal material passes into the amniotic fluid and may cover the baby during birth.

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If a baby is allowed to breathe the meconium into their lungs, several significant problems may develop. This could cause respiratory problems, brain injury or potentially death in more severe cases. How the doctor, hospital, nurses and medical staff react and handle meconium aspiration often impacts whether the baby will sustain a birth injury.

The lawyers at Saiontz & Kirk, P.A. investigate potential meconium aspiration lawsuits throughout the United States, to determine whether a birth injury could have been prevented with the exercise of proper standards of medical care. Request a free consultation.


At the time of delivery, if meconium (dark green fecal matter) is present on the baby, immediate action must be taken:

  • the infant’s mouth, nose and throat must be suctioned to remove meconium
  • a tube may need to be passed into the windpipe to remove meconium that has passed the mouth into the throat or lungs
  • the baby may require treatment with oxygen and be placed on a ventilator

Through prompt and appropriate medical care, the effects of meconium aspiration syndrome can be minimal. 

If a medical mistake is made, he baby may suffer a birth injury, including cerebral palsy, which could lead to devastating long-term health problems for the baby.

When a doctor, nurses or other medical provider fails to react to react appropriately, it could cause meconium aspiration syndrome.


If your child or a family member have suffered an injury as a result of meconium aspiration, our malpractice lawyers can review the circumstances surrounding the birth to determine whether financial compensation may be available.

It is important to investigate your child’s potential birth injury claim quickly since there are deadlines in each state which could bar the child’s right to obtain birth injury settlement benefits.  Request a free consultation and birth injury claim evaluation. There are no fees or expenses unless we secure a recovery for the child.