Surgery for Cerebral Palsy

If a medical mistake resulted in cerebral palsy for your child, financial compensation may be available to cover treatment expenses.
Surgery for cerebral palsy will not provide a cure of the brain damage which causes the disability, but may help reduce the limitations the child experiences and lead to greater independence and functional ability.

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Cerebral palsy surgical procedures may include:

  • orthopedic surgery
  • nerve surgery.

All surgeries and medical procedures have risks and benefits associated with them which should be carefully reviewed with your child’s doctor before making a determination on treatment which should be received.

If surgery is recommended by your child’s doctor after evaluation all of the different treatment options, the costs and expenses incurred by the family can be very high.  There may be private health insurance or government benefits available to cover some of the costs.

In some cases, a child’s cerebral palsy may be caused by a medical mistake that could have been prevented.  Through a legal claim, the lawyers at Saiontz & Kirk, P.A. may be able to obtain financial compensation to ensure the cost of providing proper treatment is on the responsible party and their insurance company.


Orthopedic surgery for cerebral palsy is used to treat affected muscles and release the tightness.  It is usually associated with spastic cerebral palsy.  Many doctors will recommend that orthopedic surgery be done after the child is older, so that multiple tight muscles may be addressed at one time.

Orthopedic surgery for cerebral palsy does not always provide permanent relief.  As the child grows, sometimes the muscles may become tight again and it may be necessary for further surgeries.

NERVE SURGERY FOR CEREBRAL PALSY (Selective Posterior Rhizotomy – SPR)

For children with certain types of cerebral palsy that effect the legs, nerve surgery may be recommended to relieve muscle tightness.  The most common nerve surgical procedure for cerebral palsy is Selective Posterior Rhizotomy (SPR), where nerves causing muscle tightness in the legs are cut. Following surgery, some children are able to gain better use of their legs.

Other cerebral palsy treatment options which may be recommended include:


The medical malpractice lawyers at Saiontz & Kirk, P.A. investigate potential cerebral palsy lawsuits for families to obtain benefits for children with cerebral palsy if the disability could have been prevented.

There are different deadlines in each state which could bar the child’s right to obtain cerebral palsy settlement benefits. Request a free consultation and claim evaluation and the cerebral palsy lawyers will review the circumstances surrounding the birth to determine if your child may be entitled to compensation.. There are no fees or expenses unless a recover is obtained.