Steps in the Investigation of a Birth Injury Case

The investigation and review of a potential birth injury lawsuit requires medical malpractice lawyers with the experience to identify medical mistakes and the resources to provide the best experts and litigators across the country.

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Out of the total number of births each year, only a small percentage involve a medical mistake that leads to a birth injury.  However, every year thousands of children are diagnosed with cerebral palsy, erb’s palsy, or other forms of a birth injury which are directly caused by a doctor’s error or medical mistake. 

If an injury at birth could have been prevented with the exercise of reasonable care, then the child would not be forced to face a lifetime of disability.  In addition, the family would not face the substantial expenses associated with providing the best treatment available for their child. Request a free consultation and claim evaluation.


The birth injury lawyers at Saiontz & Kirk, P.A. investigate potential lawsuits for children throughout the United States who have suffered an injury at birth that may have been caused by a medical mistake or negligent care.

Free consultations and claim evaluations are provided to help families determine whether a child may be entitled to financial benefits through a birth injury malpractice lawsuit.

While every case our attorneys investigate and review does not turn into a lawsuit, it is important that a family with a potential claim have the matter reviewed promptly. 

Every state has different deadlines which may bar the child’s right to obtain compensation for their injuries if the claim is not brought by a certain date, known as the statute of limitations for minors. Therefore, it is important to review any potential birth injury case as early as possible to make sure your child’s legal rights are protected.

During a free consultation and claim evaluation you will have an opportunity to speak with a birth injury lawyer who will review the circumstances surrounding the birth of your child to determine whether your family may be entitled to compensation.

If it is determined that your child’s injury or disability could have been prevented, you will decide whether you wish for our birth injury lawyers to represent your child in the case. If you decide to retain our services, our malpractice lawyers will investigate your family’s lawsuit and you will have access to the most respected experts across the country to investigate your birth injury claim.


During the process of investigating your child’s birth injury case, our attorneys will obtain all of the necessary medical records and review them with top experts.  Your child’s potential lawsuit will be documented and presented for negotiation of settlement benefits. If we are unable to obtain an acceptable offer of settlement, options for litigation over the birth injury will be reviewed and the case will be pursued through the court system.

The birth injury law firm of Saiontz & Kirk, P.A. has a reputation for fighting hospitals, doctors and insurance companies to obtain large verdicts at trial.  Many of our clients have obtain sizable claim settlements every year without going to court.


All lawsuit claims investigated and pursued by our lawyers are handled under a contingency fee retainer agreement.  That means that there are no upfront fees or expenses which must be paid for our medical experts and attorneys to investigate the claim. Fees and expenses are only paid after a recovery is obtained for your child.   If we do not win, we do not get paid.

To get started today, request a free consultation and birth injury lawsuit evaluation to obtain a confidential, no-obligation, review of your child’s potential legal rights.