Chantix No Better Than Nicoderm in Long Term Quit Rates

Austin Kirk

By Austin Kirk
Posted August 6, 2008


A new study reveals that there is no significant difference between Chantix and NicoDerm in long-term quit rates for smokers. As concerns continue to mount about the safety of Chantix and suicide related side effects, the study raises more questions about whether the risks outweigh the potential benefits of the treatment.

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The study, which was funded by Pfizer, the maker of Chantix, is published in the current issue of the medical journal Thorax. This is the first-ever direct comparison of GlaxoSmithKline’s NicoDerm CQ Clear Patch with Pfizer’s Chantix (varenicline tartrate). The 52-week study involved 746 participants who were randomly administered either Chantix for 12 weeks or NicoDerm for 10 weeks.

The primary endpoint of the study was confirmed abstinence from smoking during the last four weeks of treatment, with secondary endpoints at 24 weeks and one year. While Chantix did beat NicoDerm 55.9% to 43.2% during the last four weeks of treatment, the researchers found that there was no statistically significant different in the quit rates caused by the drugs at six months and one year. Most people look to a medication or treatment to help them quit smoking permanently, so the long-term quit rates are extremely relevant when evaluating the overall benefits of the drug.

Chantix, which was recently approved by the FDA in 2006, has been associated with a number of serious and potentially life threatening side effects, including suicides, suicidal thoughts, depression and sudden violent behavior. Other research has also identified an association between Chantix and diabetes, sudden seizures or blackouts and a potential increased risk of a severe skin reaction known as Stevens Johnson Syndrome.

Prior to the publication of this latest study in Thorax, many users were already indicating that they would not have used Chantix if they had been adequately informed by Pfizer about the side effects. Chantix being no more effective than NicoDerm, an older and safer product, certainly would have impacted the choices made by hundreds of other people looking to quit smoking.


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