Digoxin Recall Lawyers: Another Generic Poses Risk of Digoxin Toxicity

Harvey Kirk

By Harvey Kirk
Posted April 1, 2009


The lawyers at Saiontz & Kirk, P.A. have been investigating potential Digitek recall lawsuits for nearly a year on behalf of individuals who suffered digoxin toxicity after receiving oversized tablets. Now another generic drug maker has issued a digoxin recall involving pills that may contain too much of the medication, posing a similar risk of serious injury or death.

On March 31, 2009, Caraco Pharmaceutical Laboratories, Ltd. Issued a recall for generic Digoxin 0.125 mg tablets and 0.25 mg tablets due to concerns that some of the tablets distributed could differ in size and provide more or less of the heart drug then they are supposed to.

Similar to the Digitek problems, receiving too much of the heart drug could result in a build up of the medication in the body, posing a risk of an overdose known as digoxin toxicity. Side effects could include:

  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Dizziness
  • Low Blood Pressure
  • Cardiac Instability
  • Bradycardia
  • Sudden Death

Based on the information currently available, it is unclear how many of the oversized digoxin tablets may have been distributed throughout the United States or for how long the digoxin problems may have been occurring.

Digoxin is a medication which has been used in one form or another since the 18th century. However, it is a very dose-specific drug, which requires a specific amount of the medication to be effective and avoid the risk of potentially life-threatening digoxin side effects. As a result, manufacturers who choose to make and distribute the pill must take extra precautions to ensure that the correct dose is in each pill and quality control measures must be in place to prevent any undersized or oversized digoxin tablets from being distributed.


The Digoxin recall lawyers at Saiontz & Kirk, P.A. are reviewing potential overdose and digoxin toxicity lawsuits for individuals who received the heart medication and required medical treatment as a result of problems which may have been caused by receiving too much or too little of the drug.

If you, a friend or family member have experienced problems, contact our Digoxin attorneys and request a free consultation and claim evaluation.

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  • Terre says:

    My mother has been taking Digoxin for a year now and has complained to her Dr. & family of not feeling well since she started the drug, however she never put it together that it all began when she started the drug. (the first recall) The feeling of weakness like she didn’t have the strength to take another step, shakes, sweating, just feeling really bad. Her Dr’s advice “you just need to get out and walk more and loose weight”! I am furious that the Dr. never attempted to make the connection with this drug”.

    Posted on April 4, 2009 at 4:56 pm

  • Jmai says:

    I just read you post and i feel for your mother.I dont know how old she is but i am 54, I’m use to being so tired and feel just wiped out I have no energy.
    my daughter drags me to the mallls (5-6) every monday…trying to make me get some exercise, i doint think she undrstands when i tell her i need to sit for a second and catch my breath…ah to be so young again.

    Im art this point afraid to take this mediction…
    Good luck to your mom

    Posted on April 28, 2009 at 8:09 pm

  • Alice says:

    My mother recieved a pacemaker 2 yrs. ago and was prescribed Digoxin. She stayed sick all the time, no energy, nausea, vomiting, dizziness and was to the point of carring a pan and wet towel with her wherever she went. The doctors knew about this but in July 2008, she got so bad, the emergency room was the only option. She was given nausea medication and IV fluids (I believe this was a Tuesday). The ER doctor refused to admit her. My dad called me early Thursday morning to say she couldn’t even sit up. I called 911. My mother had dehydrated so bad she didn’t have strength to put her nausea pill under her tongue. She was rehydrated and admitted to the hospital. At 7:30p.m. she seemed to be her self again. At 12:30 midnight a NURSE calls to say she needed a breathing tube. I said we will be right there, he said there’s no need she’ll be fine. The next call I recieved at 4:30a.m. (from the NURSE again) was to call the family in, there’s nothing more we can do. At 7:30a.m. my mother was taken off life support. I am very angry that doctors do NOT listen when patients know and say something is not right. And also, WHERE WAS THE DOCTOR WHEN MY MOTHER WAS IN ICU AND ALL THIS HAPPED IN 26hrs? Leave their business up to the nurses to deal with. I’m very angry and miss her terribly.

    Posted on June 22, 2009 at 8:26 pm

  • Alice says:

    My mother was only 67 years old. If only someone would have listen to her and WHY wasn’t this taken off the market sooner!

    Posted on June 22, 2009 at 8:40 pm

  • delores says:

    i also am on digoxin for a-fib..i also feel tired and sluggish ..i also have been having a rash..i also called my heart doctor last week and have not heard from them since…i am on coumadin also metoprolol lasix and recently something for neuropathy and amoxicillin…

    Posted on August 27, 2009 at 3:19 pm

  • Elsa says:

    I am in Digoxin 0.25mg for about 6 years .Since I start this pill I feel very tired and wend I walk I am out of breath.I feel very weak and I dont have strengh.Every 3 months I do a blood test to see how much Digoxin I have in my blood.My last blood test about a month ago come with a elevated digoxin in my blood.My Cardiologist told me to change the dosage to one pill every other day.Do I am in danger?Do I have to change Digoxin?

    Posted on October 15, 2009 at 3:53 pm

  • David says:

    My father died suddenly last February after suffering from severe nausea,dizziness and muscle cramps for six months. A month after he died my mother received the Caraco recall notice for the Digoxin he had been on for a-fib. He had seen four different doctors for the dizziness and nausea including his cariologist who prescribed the drug. None of them prescribed a Dig toxicity level. It is obvious now that could have saved him. Is this a product liability or medical malpractice issue?

    Posted on January 8, 2010 at 5:45 pm

  • a says:

    To all of you who made comments on this page, you may still have time to file something in court. Please contact an attorney, you both deserve something for your pain.

    To everyone who’s family member has died because of Digoxin…please listen to this:


    It has been determined that Digoxin is a Heart Medication not an Atrial Fibrillation Medication. New information and Medical Studies, more, much more than I place here is available for you.

    A Medical Study done by Kaiser Permanente Division of Research completed and placed on the internet states that anyone that has “Atrial Fibrillation and No Heart Failure” should Not be taking Digoxin because of the increase of “All Cause Mortality at 71%” and an “Increase of Hospitalizations at 63%”.

    Study Title: “Digoxin and risk of death in adults with atrial fibrillation: the ATRIA-CVRN study”. Here’s the link to this study: https://www.ahajournals.org/doi/10.1161/CIRCEP.114.002292

    A second Medical Study done by Kaiser Permanente Division of Research complete and placed on the internet states that anyone that has “Heart Failure” will see an increased mortality (death at 72%). There are so many more options in heart medications to choose from. Please talk with your doctor about changing.

    Study Title: “Effectiveness and Safety of Digoxin Among Contemporary Adults With Incident Systolic Heart Failure” link: https://www.ahajournals.org/doi/10.1161/CIRCOUTCOMES.111.000079

    In California if your family member died for example in 2018 and you didn’t find out this new information about these medical studies that potentially killed them, then you have time to possibly file a lawsuit. Call and attorney and tell them you just saw this online, and verified the medical studies states “High Death & High Hospitalization”, it’s something bigger than what we all ever knew about this Digoxin stuff.

    I can’t tell you how I understand, but I do. There’s even more information out there since 2008, but to ALL the Atrial Fibrillation – “Only” – Get with your Doctor to talk about change.

    This Digoxin is an actual “Poison Flower” called “Digitalis Purpurea” on Wikipedia it tells you lots more than what you need to know: Digoxin is Poison. Here’s the Wikipedia Link: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Digitalis_purpurea

    In 2017 Digoxin was the 168th Highest Prescribed Medication: see link:

    Please research right away to keep the possibility of holding those accountable. I hear your tears; I feel your pain.


    Posted on June 14, 2021 at 8:34 pm

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