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Mirena IUD Lawyers Investigating Litigation for Problems with Perforation, Migration

Harvey Kirk

A number of women throughout the United States who received Mirena IUD for birth control have experienced serious complications where the implanted device punctures or perforates the uterus, or migrates through the intra-abdominal cavity. The lawyers at Saiontz & Kirk, P.A. are evaluating the potential for Mirena litigation on behalf of women who have experienced problems with the IUD.

Although Mirena was promoted as a worry-free and hassel-free form of birth control, which is supposed to be safely removed after up-to five years, it has been associated with a number of serious complications, including:

  • Perforation
  • Migration
  • Expulsion
  • Infection

Our Mirena lawyers are investigating whether women may be entitled to financial compensation as a result of the manufacturer’s failure to adequately warn about the risk of Mirena perforation, where the device punctures or embeds in the uterine wall. This can lead to infections, internal scarring and the need for surgery to repair or address the problems.

In some cases, the Mirena IUD may migrate through the uterine wall, causing serious intestinal problems or other internal injuries, including damage to other organs.

Although the litigation for Mirena remains in the very early stages of review and evaluation, potential cases are currently being considered for women throughout the United States who have experienced recent Mirena problems. To review a potential claim with our lawyers for youself, a friend or family member, request a free consultation and claim evaluation.

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  1. Mirena torn through my uteran wall I have cat scan as proof. the entire time i had the IUD in and after it was removed I have had severe infections in my kidneys to the point of failure and septic blood poisonings. I have the medical bills to prove it.

  2. I have the mirena iud its now due to be removed, my dr could not locate the string they did an ultrasound and still could not locate the iud, now i have to have surgery to remove it, it has to be lodged in my uterus somewhere, i have had the iud since 2007.

  3. Just been hospitalized for internal bleeding from a ruptured cyst on my ovary. This is the second time this year, for the same exact thing. My ovaries feel like they are burning constantly and my skin is absolutely disgusting. I have acne on every surface of my body and there is nothing available to relieve it. I am nauseous all day and night, food tastes terrible. I have never been so miserable.

  4. Ive had the mirena for about 14 months and side effects are getting worse. I’m having it removed before it gets lost or perforated! And now my doc can’t find the strings and I have to have surgery to remove it scary!!!!!

  5. I just recently had my mirena removed and have had so many complications during and after having it…including now abnormal paps…I had it in for 4 years. THe acne is deplorable and I have tried everything…the bleeding after removal lasted for weeks…I just dunno what to do…I don’t know if I can even conceive now…cysts, Hpv…is this all b/c of this thing????

  6. I’m not sure of all the side effects but i’ve had irregular periods and just this month i’ve had periods 2 weeks apart for each other. I am constantly tired and nothing seems to help. I have had sporadic abdominal pain since. I got the IUD put in Oct 2006. I had it in over a weekend. It traveled from my uterus to my bowl. It was so painful. I had to have it surgically removed less than 2 months after having my first and only child. From the ultra sound/xray I have a whole in my uterus. I’ve recently gotten married i’m not sure it this will cause a problem with having children. I did receive doctor bills due to this as well. It has been very uncomfortable with the pain that I experience.

  7. I have had mirena for four months and it has been a nightmare. From the very beginning I have had extreme pain and bleeding. I thought it would go away but increasingly got worse. I recently had it removed but the mirena caused lingering damage. Mirena has caused many symptoms including: extreme mood swings, loss of appetite, fatigue, nausea, severe pain during intercourse, urination problems, discharge, infections, and pelvic inflammatory disease. I may not be able to have children, possibly need a hysterectomy, and am unable to have intercourse. The doctor bills have been just racking up! I just wanted to be safe and wait to have children. Now I may never get the chance. I was completely healthy before the mirena.

  8. Had mirena placed in early 2010. In late 2011, I went to have it removed so we could try for baby #2. MD could not grasp the strings, went on to have an office hysteroscopy which failed and then a hysteroscopy with anesthesia which failed, and the thing was finally removed via laparoscopy. After 6 months we did not conceive. Also when I had it I had what I now know were severe side effects – fatigue, anxiety, depression, weight gain (that I have not been able to lose). Horrible experience alll around. I work in clinical trials so I filed all the adverse event paper work with the FDA

  9. i had mirena put in in 2009 as soon as i could after i had my first son which was in may. i had no problems but i would spot often and it slowly went away and i never had a period after. in june 2010 i found out i was 5 MONTHS pregnant with my second son. im still the only person my OB knows that got pregnant on it but thank GOD my son is 100% healthy. its a risk to leave it in and to take it out while pregnant and i could have had a miscarriage when they took it out. so crazy. THAT SHOULD BE ON THE WARNINGS

  10. My fiance had the iud put in… It perforated her uteris and she had to have laproscopic surgery… Sry about spelling… Shes been bleeding and sex has been painful for her…. The doctor told us her partner should have never put it in to begin with because of something… We have everything documented… Surgeries included….

  11. I got the mirena 01-2010. I just had it removed on 08-2012. I had a period that lasted from august 2012 til January 2013. It was only after 3 different menopausal medications that it stopped, and I am currently taking provera to make it start again because an ultrasound showed that even after bleeding all that time, the top of my uterus is still full of stuff. It also showed I now have polycystic ovarian syndrome, which is very unlikely unless you are overweight, and I am 5’7″ and 130 lbs. I am 23 and have basically had to go through menopause because of the mirena. I have never been more uncomfortable in my life. The problem is the high doses of progesterone the mirena produces into the body, my body didn’t know what to do once it wasn’t there anymore.

  12. I got Mirena inserted in 2007 thought it was the greatest thing in the world until my Migraines started getting worse. And my moods started becoming uncontrollable. My new husband and I had it removed to try for a baby. Within 6 months of having it removed we were pregnant only to find out that I miscarried the baby at 8 weeks.

  13. I received a mirena iud but had it removed because of mood swings. It was removed by surgery, because the doctor was unable to do it in the office. His statement was it has moved to far up.

  14. I went to the hospital, after 3-4 month, of spotting, cramps, and last bit not least, a serious case if loosing my new born baby.
    Least expect how life changing, could be on the start of a new life and goals, buy the one I loast will never experience what is expected out of life’s unexpected sad, fun, mindblowing “New memories”!

    The pain I had my uturis, was unbearable!
    The Doctor assured me I would be fine, but complacent, compilations started shortly after
    This type of. Pain and spotting went on for …2 years, on and off.
    After four(4)months, of pain in my uterus.
    The most unthinkable happed, I had my only miss carage, I have problems still tryin to face life, head on…it is not easy at all+-(

    The 5 year plan the Dr. Recommend me. I was 24 at the time now 35 and still have Memories, and still in pain from now and then, sometimes I can’t get up in morning, depression has been in and out
    She says, “New technology”
    Before all this unforen object when in side me my life was stable, a healthy young woman who could not bare the everyday pain going on since the IUD was in my Vagina!
    My miscarriage toke 3 to
    4 months!
    It happen in the EARLY MORNING IN THE 4 AM.. OMG, the pain was so unbearable pain I had entered the Hospital emergency room at lee memorial Hospital suffering a life cahanging experience, and went in a deep depression!

    Lost my family over all this craziness!?
    Still trying to pick pieces up, unborn child who I’ll will never get to know. Please take my case and compassion I’ve stood alone ou oall this I have my papper work for2001.. Lee Memorial hospital!

  15. Got the iud put in 1-3-11 an have had pain ever since an told my doctor an she said its normal an she won’t take it out like I asked of her so I waited an still hurt went to another doctor to remove it an she can’t find it an told me I have a infection in my uterus gave me pills an is sending me to another place to get a ultrasound an xray. I’m hoping they find it its painful having sexual intercourse

  16. Had the Morena placed in Feb ’09…i was told would “control heavy periods”. It started with having to dialate me in the office just to place it. After months af cramping. Mood swings. 25lb weight gain and surgical removal of right ovary and tube because of a large cyst I was told would disappear 7 months ago. I am fearful to lose my other ovary and go into early menopause. I have an appointment in two weeks to have it removed against my doctors advice.

  17. I have about 20 of the side effects including terrible mood swings in which i am under a dr’s care for. Large amounts of hair loss daily, BAD cramping, blurred vision, rash, Terrbile back pain, Headaches nasuea, fatigue all the time…ETC I been going to the Doctor for these issues and no doctor ever linked this to the Mirena. I was never even told that these were side effects from it. I have had this inserted for about a year year and half.

  18. II’ve had been bleeding seven months straight. went back to my gyno and she said my iud moved and that was what was causing me to bleed. (but why? and for that long?) she removed it which was so painful I had to bed rest for a couple days after. it didn’t hurt that bad the first time. now I’m $900 in medical bills from it and I still feel like my questions are not answered.. I’ve bleed for 9 months straight before I switched to the iud hoping it would help. can someone please help?!??

  19. i had the iud put in at about 2004-2005 and again in 2007 both times the iud shifted an caused infctions and i had to have it removed due to the multiple side affects which i feel i am still dealing with 6 years later. i suffered a misscarriage right after having the second one removed that almost killed me because i almost hemmoragged to death. i rcently ust 2 weeks ago had to undergo an ablasion surgery on my uterus and a laproscopy due to the heavy bleeding and extremely painful periods i’ve suffred since the iuds. i also have had pain during intercourse ,multiple cysts on my ovaries and an tumor in my uterus. the last 8 years have been horrible.

  20. I had the IUD put in April 2011 everything was fine until I started getting severe cramping and it hurt to have sex. I had it for 7 months. one day I went to the bathroom to pee and it fell out as I wiped. went to palmdale regional hospital and they told me that they didn’t know what to do for me because it was so rare. then they checked and everything was fine. I decided to go and have it done again on 6-3-13 and 2 weeks later if fell out again!!! now I have been bleeding for 2 months straight cramping and when i go to the bathroom i am very sore

  21. I had the Mirena put in 2002. Had no problems with it. I never had a period. Had it in for 5 years. Got it taking out 2007. Had my 3rd baby in 2008. Oct. 31 2008 I go get the cooper iud put in. I had my period for 3 months non stop. I have a period every 3 months. And bleed really bad. I can’t feel the strings & I’m scared I will have to get it removed with surgery. I still have it in. Bout to get it taking out. I rather have the Mirena put back in. I will never get the cooper iud again.

  22. I had the merina put in on Jun. 21 I had it put in right before my insurance went out but since then I’ve had nothing but trouble with it unbearable pain and since I have no insurance anymore they won’t do anything about it

  23. I got the idu about 6 years ago I was in so much pain and None would take it out not even the doctor who put it in.. then I got a bad infect the er took it out about lost my hubby because I could not have sex because of pain and still to this day have pain all the time None knows why and I got hpv. Could my pain Iam still having be because of this?


  25. I had the Mirena IUD since May of 2007 and I have been having complications and urinary tract infections and bacterial infection since then.when the doctors tried to remove it they couldn’t find the string I was told I had to get it surgically removed.I also was told that I had cells that can cause cancer and they also have to be removed at the same time of the Mirena IUD.the Mirena IUD really made me sick.I’m sorry I ever got the Mirena IUD and I will pray and wish it on no one else do not let doctors talk you into getting the Mirena as a Birth Control.

  26. I had the Mirena inserted in 2009 because of fibroids. I bled out twice because of them. It worked for four years. In nov of 2013 I started to have periods ( family history of long fertility). This happened for four months. Went to the doctor to ask why this was happening. She was dumb as a rock. Never did a blood test to see if the thing stopped working. Did do a pregnancy test. Did ultrasound and found out that I now have a uterus full of fibroids ovarian and kidney cysts and the thing is being squeezed between two huge fibroids. I want this thing out of me. And to make matters worse this isn’t the same doctor who put it in. This is some nurse practitioner who will not listen to me. My next stop is a hysterectomy.

  27. I’m just going to be brief as possible.
    My Ob-Gyn at the time was the greatest man that ever walked the earth simply because he helped me get pregnant with my twins in January 2002. Then the good Lord blessed us with a third child in December 2003. Both of my pregnancies were difficult but I knew I needed some birth control and I knew I birth control pills made crazy so my Doc asked if I’d try the Mirena. As far as I was concerned he knew everything so I had no worries but I did make several comments when he kept rereading the instructions over and over. If I remember correctly he told me that my Mirena was the first he’d put. Once it was in I felt great, even better when my period stopped. This went on for about a year or so but I also started getting severe abdominal pains. I go back to see my Ob-Gyn and every time he’d give me an antibiotic because my Mirena had gotten stuck to the inside of my uterus. I know I went at least twice but it could’ve been more. The last time I went he removed it and it almost killed me. Then I ended up with a hysterectomy and one ovary that ended up being removed the next year due to endometriosis. I still have my cervix so every year I get my pap smears I have to be ripped open in order to get the sample needed for the pelvic exam. Now I had a small scar there that was the sole reason my twins weren’t born sooner than they were but I believe after insertion and finally the removal of the Mirena IUD, my cervix has suffered so much damage that it is completely closed! As I said before, when I go for my yearly exams my cervix has to pretty much be ripped open to get in there far enough to take the appropriate samples. I know my story is nothing like so many others but I’ve been scared of it ever since my doctor had to keep rereading the instructions!

  28. had mirena twice it was horrible body expelled it cause infections bleeding more than half a year heavy and non stop and second one got lost in my body and caused so many issues I had to have a hysterectomy at age 28

  29. I called for the lawsuit how long does it usually take had too have surgery too get it removed but no problems yet so how long does it take and about how much will I get?

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