How Do I Participate in a Class Action Suit for a NuvaRing Birth Control Injury?


Hundreds of women throughout the United States are currently pursuing a lawsuit over injuries caused by NuvaRing birth control. Since these claims involve common allegations, many people refer to them as a NuvaRing class action lawsuit.

Each claim is being pursued as an individual injury suit, although many of the cases in the NuvaRing litigation have been consolidated or centralized for pretrial proceedings.

The NuvaRing lawyers at Saiontz & Kirk, P.A. provide free consultations and claim evaluations for women who believe they may have suffered a NuvaRing injury as a result of side effects of the birth control ring, such as:

  • Blood Clot
  • Deep Vein Thrombosis
  • Pulmonary Embolism
  • Stroke
  • Heart Attack
  • Sudden Death

Request a free claim evaluation to learn more about the NuvaRing injury lawsuits and to determine whether you, a friend or family member may qualify for compensation as a result of the drug maker’s failure to properly research their birth control product or warn about the potential risk of blood clots from NuvaRing side effects.

After contacting our office or submitting a request on-line, you will be contacted to discuss the circumstances surrounding the potential NuvaRing injury case. If it is determined that our lawyers believe they can causally connect an injury to use of the popular birth control ring, you will have the opportunity whether to hire one of our NuvaRing “class action” lawyers to represent you.


All claims being pursued by Saiontz & Kirk, P.A. are being handled on an individual basis and are not considered a class action for NuvaRing.

Although the litigation has been centralized in both federal court and New Jersey state court for pretrial proceedings, you will not be joining a NuvaRing class action since the circumstances surrounding use of the birth control ring and the injury suffered by each woman will be very different. Therefore, liability and compensation can not be determined through one class representative, as would be done in a class action suit.

During consolidated pretrial proceedings, it is possible that the drug maker may attempt to reach a settlement for NuvaRing injury claims being pursued by various plaintiffs who have filed a lawsuit. However, each individual claimant will have the right to decide whether they will accept or reject any such settlement offer. If a resolution is not reached during pretrial litigation, each claim will ultimately go before a jury for individual consideration about any damages that should be awarded for an injury from NuvaRing.

To review a potential case and determine if our attorneys may be able to assist you or your family, request a free consultation on-line or call our law firm toll free by dialing (800) 522-0102.

All cases are handled under a contingency fee agreement, which means that there are no out-of-pocket costs for one of our NuvaRing attorneys to handle your case and our law firm only receive a fee if we are successful obtaining financial compensation for your NuvaRing birth control injury.


Austin Kirk
Last Updated September 19th, 2012
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