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Super Poligrip Recall: GlaxoSmithKline to Remove Zinc from Denture Adhesives

Harvey Kirk

Facing increasing pressure from zinc poisoning lawsuits and critics calling for a Super Poligrip recall, GlaxoSmithKline has announced that it will discontinue all Super Poligrip denture adhesives that contain zinc.

>>INFORMATION: Super Poligrip Zinc Poisoning Lawsuits

The company issued the announcement on Thursday, saying that it plans to replace Super Poligrip Original, Super Poligrip Ultra Fresh and Super Poligrip Extra Care denture adhesives with zinc-free alternatives. After claiming for years that there was no risk of problems with zinc in Poligrip, Glaxo acknowledged that their popular products could increase the risk of zinc poisoning, neuropathy and other neurological injuries:

“We are taking these actions because we have become aware of potential health problems associated with the long-term excessive use of our zinc-containing denture adhesive products.”

This is a change of tune for a company that has been defending a growing number of denture adhesive lawsuits, which claim that the zinc contained in Poligrip can enter the body at high levels. This can deplete copper levels, resulting in the development of neuropathy and other neurological injuries caused by zinc poisoning. Symptoms can include:

  • Numbness
  • Tingling or Pain (Pins and Needles Sensation)
  • Muscle Weakness
  • Unexplained Pain
  • Loss of Balance
  • Difficulty Walking
  • Loss of Sensation
  • Paralysis

Similar lawsuits over Fixodent denture cream are also being pursued against Proctor and Gamble, who indicates that they have no plans to issue a Fixodent recall to remove denture adhesives with zinc from the market. Proctor and Gamble officials maintain that Fixodent denture adhesives are safe, as they contain less zinc than Super Poligrip. However, plaintiffs who have suffered zinc poisoning from Fixodent will establish that the denture adhesive is also unnecessarily dangerous, and that better warnings should have been provided to users of both Fixodent and Super Poligrip about the potential side effects of the denture cream.


Potential Fixodent and Super Poligrip lawsuits are pending throughout the United States on behalf individuals who have been diagnosed with elevated zinc levels or depleted copper in the blood that may have been caused by use of the denture cream. Using large amounts or using the product over a long period of time, may increase the risk of a user suffering debilitating injuries from zinc poisoning.

To have a potential case reviewed by our Super Poligrip recall lawyers on behalf of yourself, a friend or family member, request a free consultation and claim evaluation.

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  2. I’ve been using super poligrip since 2002 that’s now been 8 year’s and I do Have full Denture’s. As of today I have stopped!!!!!!!

    This is Bad and I’m upset!!! And this need’s to be Delt with…

  3. I have been using Poligrip for the past 6 yrs. and am now experiencing muscle weakness an loss of balance on more than one occasion. Will stop using this product and hopefully things will improve.

  4. This is very upsetting to me as I have been using Poligrip now for 11 years. No doctors have been able to tell me why I cannot retain balance, am muscle weak and have UNEXPLAINED tingling in my limbs. I had no idea…..now it’s in all denture adhesives? or just poligrip amd fixodent? What else is there? and how do we know the zinc levels aren’t just as high in those brands as well. I am mad, this is ridiculous.

  5. I too have neopathy and some tingling sometimes along with akin numbness. My Dr. said my skin rash could be from neeopathy but didn’t mention where the skin numbness came from.

  6. i have been using polygrip right at 27 years uppers and iput a bead
    about 1/8 wide the whole length .and have not noticed any thing ,out side of normal getting old things, i did cut down on amount .but thats all

  7. I have been using super poligrip 4 about 5 years I have had unexplained mild to extreme dizziness-severe loss of balance which basicly stops ones daily living.B12 level checked, inner ears checked,iodine level checked all these test came back just fine.I went to physical therapy for knee replacement. My physical therapist saw me on a regular basis(a lot more than a regular physician) I was told that my nervous system is all out of wack! I also drop things alot-really lack of coordination plus urinating has been awfully painful. I told my best friend and others that I just had this gut feeling about using super poligrip. Went to walmart yesterday and saw recall on the super poligrip label. I just now looked up why it was recalled and YES its all coming together and I will go get zinc and cooper levels checked!

  8. I have been using Super poli-grip for about 8 years to keep my partials in place. I have a job that requires much walking and around January I noticed I was losing my balance and having trouble walking in a straight line. I never imagined it could be related to Poligrip!!

  9. i have been using super polygrip and polygrip ultra for 24 yrs without a problem sounds to me like to many people jumping on the compensation bandwagon i would gladly still use it

  10. What else are the medico’s going to do to us???? My wife and I thought it was just age related, dizzy, tingling, neuropathy and just feeling lousy.

  11. Annonymous says:

    I only noticed that Polygrip Ultra had been taken off the shelves recently too, I have been using it for about 6 years, and found no ill effects at all…I find that the normal one doesnt hold the dentures in all day, and find the need to reapply after maybe 13-14 hours…

  12. Brendan says:

    I have used super poligrip for 9-10 years, have had no ill effects, and am just wondering when it will be available again, as it is the only adhesive thats worked, the standard pink one, not the others, that do not work as well!

  13. I have used super poligrip for 20 plus yrs,have never had any side effects. NOw i cant find it and the other stuff doesnt work for me at all.When will we be able to get the original again? im using 3x as much of the other kind. thank you kathy

  14. I have been using super poligrip for over 15 years. It seems that it is the only one that works for me. I want it back as I don’t b3elieve that I’m the only one without these terrible symptoms. It sounds like lawyers are more involved than doctors and we see what lawyers are doing to our health plans.

  15. I just recently noticed that poligrip was taken off the shelves at my local krogers. I havent been anywhere since the end of march due to severe leg pain, weakness tingling and an unexplained feeling in my legs like im being shocked with electricity. Also severe headaches and for about a year i noticed different times at work i had trouble walking in a straight line and im always dropping things. Ive had a doppler test done on legs, mri done and everything comes back fine. now im being sent to an orthopedic surgeon. im beginning to believe its the poligrip ive been using for the last 16 years on a daily basis. I havent been able to return to my job yet becaise the leg pain gets so severe after being up for awhile and the dizziness doesnt help either.

  16. my dad has used polygrip for 20 years and now he can barely walk he can’t stand on his own he’s always in pain and he hates his life now. i feel so bad for him, this sucks. i hope he gets his health back brfore my kids get older he can’t even play with them. thats the worst. i hope polygrip does something to help him.

  17. I have been using poligrip only 2 years, but I have noticed latley that I have been dizzy and diareea a lot, I think it is from swollowing soo much glue. If I had a good fit on my dentures I would not have to use the dum glue, bad dentist!!!

  18. Amanda says:

    Polident is the worst thing you can put in your mouth. I have got gastric problems since using this awful product. I gag , and at times vomit after applying this product. And can someone please explain to me why its marketed as all day hold when I have to reapply the adhesive 5-6 maybe even 8 times a day???? Take this horrible stuff of the shelves.

  19. A year I graduated to dentures,so because my dentures didnt fit right..I use poligrip…polident…..did not know why till now….notice numbness in my fingers….tinling….at time painful…in my toes….tendency to stumbles…loss of appitite… I consider myself very healthy….till using this products…at first I felt it was my age..74….now I dont know…I dont like the feeling at all and will have my doctor check my blood for level of zinc..etc.because this products did not hold my dentures all day at times I use them 4 times a day…..now I will use them once and get the one without zinc…..I will know more after the blood test..then take action….

  20. Just heard about poligrip on TV., can’t believe it. I have using poligrip since 1999. In 2000, I suffered a severe i injury at work that causes many many problem. I have numbness, tingling, unexplain pain, fibroyama, I fall easily, often so week and tired I stay in bed for days. Approx. 2007 I had my lower teeth removed. And symptomes above and other problems continue. My daughter moved home to take care of me and is afraid to leave me alone until I can care for myself. I now feel lost please help me.

  21. Could not understand why I was constantly losing my balance, falling and had muscle soreness. I also find it difficult to go up stairs because my leg muscles ache terribly. I’ve traced back and found these symptoms pretty much coincide with starting to use Poligrip. None of these symptoms were there before the use of Poligrip.


  23. ive used super poligrip for the last 10 years and im having numbness in my arm and hand also trouble breathing also troubles with my balanced.ive been to the er several times over this

  24. I have been using this product for over 30 yrs.I have problems,muscel
    function loss.walking and lately I developed an itching problem on neck
    shoulders also back of the head

  25. I have every sympthom except paralysis! Is that next? I cant get a doctor to test me for it and i have been using Fixodent for 10 years. Alot! They tell me it is my fibromalgia when I knew it was not. I do not know what to even do now. I need to at leat rule it out or confirm but my doctors will not listen. I have cried for 2 days now after finding out I may have been poisoning myself!

  26. been using super poligrip since 2002 and me to have been having tingling in my fingers, throbbing pain in my legs, no strength in my arms, absolutely exhausted after washing my hair and to top it off while washing my hair i have to lean against the side of the shower to avoid falling over. the everyday things i struggle with. constant pain what a relief to know i’m not alone. 23 hrs a day i’ve been using this recently switched to fixodent when i couldn’t find any on the store shelves

  27. i have been using poligrip super for almost 8 years, i have pain in my legs hands ,arms , numbness in legs, feets, hands, can’t grip things, open a bottle , weakness in arms, legs, hands , i have fibermyalga , or could this all be from this super polygrip???? how do you know???1

  28. I use super poligrip zinc free formula i’m wondering is it ok to use i don’t use an whole lot and i don’t sleep with my dentures in my mouth i take them out and put them in denture cleanser i do have pain in my left calve muscle but i had that problem back in 2005 and i wasn’t wearing dentures i have fibromylga so i figure thats why my calve muscle is the way it is today i’m sore on both sides in my shoulders neck and i have an few nodules in palm of my right hand my dr told me they are cysts and as long as my hand don’t drawn and my fingers don’t bend i’ll be ok if it does then i would have to have surgery on it can’t afford that so i guess i’ll deal with it the best way i can before i started useing super poligrip zinc free formula i was useing fixodent with zinc but i got where i couldn’t use it anymore it would get caked up in my lower denture

  29. i have used poligrip for many years.first i started feeling funny… doctors could not find anything wrong. but when i could not lift my legs did a nerve conduction test and i have pn in both arms and legs but have not had any tests for zinc did not know about the denture cream until a few months ago my neuro and neurologist laughed at the thought that denture cream could do this so months. and still no tests for zinc has been done. but i feel strange at times can not put into words and i have had seizures now. i contacted a lawyer but have not heard back. it might be too late for me i don’t know but what i have gone through and still going through… make me mad to think that something i thought to be safe to have harmed me this way… and i have memory problems now. i can’t even walk up steps or onto a curb… and i fall all the time… what a shame … to think denture cream…. for those who lost their teeth and depended on something to hold the teeth in.

  30. I don’t think I’ve had any of the symptoms but I know everyone is different. The trouble I’ve noticed here lately is the super polygrip is crystalizing and extremely difficult to squeeze out of the tube. I’ve been using it for 10 years and have never had this problem until recently.

    Also, I don’t know if it has anything to do with the adhesive or not but I’ve been experiencing some pretty hefty headaches here lately on a daily basis. They began about the same time I started noticing the crystalizing.

    I didn’t even know there was a recall until I typed “super polygrip” into a search to find their website and ask them if they’ve changed their formula. That’s when I saw this recall on the search page.

    Any suggestions on a comparable replacement to super polygrip that’s safe?

  31. I used super poligrip from May 2008 to January 2009. I started having physical symptoms during August 2008. I experienced numbness in my left hand during January 2009. On January 26, 2009 my left hand and thumb collapsed. By Thursday that funny feeling ran up my left arm to the left side of my face. I experienced weakness on that side and in my legs. I had tingling and pain in my left arm that moved to my legs then to my right arm. I ended up in the hospital on January 29, 2009. I was in so much pain and so nervous. The doctors tested me for heart attack and stroke. No one thought to test me for zinc poisoning which could have been the problem.

  32. i have been using polident for 2 years also fixadent yes this stuff does not hold like they say all lies my dentures fit good .but listen they still move around and i have to apply that stuff 4 or 5 times a day my tounge is swelling mythroat i sore its got to be from this stuff what do you expect? rich companys and liars .

  33. what adhesive whould be used. they say fixodent has zinc that is dangerous. I am using super polidant free. Is this the best adhesive?

  34. Ok my mom has been feeling all of the symptoms yet she doesnt stop using the Poligrip. She has been using it for 3 years and she started getting pains in her knees specially at night time! The reason why she doesnt stop using the Poligrip is because she says that the Fixodent doesnt hold as strong. So is there a safer one out there that is also strong? Im very concern about my mom and want to know if she keeps using the Poligrim what would happend to her?

  35. i’m a bit late to this information. nobody says why zinc was used in the first place! a danger is in the combined zinc intake from other products, multi- vitamins, etc. a second danger is that people with these symptoms should have them checked out to be assured there is not a worse disease present…lupis, ms. diabetes, etc. people seem to realize they have symptoms only AFTER they are told they should-psychosomatic/old age? the broad list of generalized subjective ‘symptoms’ seems like a fishing expedition for a class action suit. when i saw all the hubub, i researched the subject and remain unconvinced.i have MS and experience almost all the symptoms mentioned, but with no exacerbation despite using fixodent with (reduced) zinc.

  36. patricia says:

    i did not know about this never saw no recall anywhere my doctor has sent me for many test for the last 5yrs i notice that polygrip was getting hard to fine so i looked it up and found this i want answers iwant to know what the test are i just want my life back

  37. Elizabeth says:

    I recently noticed all the stores that supply Poligrip no longer supplied it. I don’t like any other product. I have read some of the comments and I too have some things happening to me. I sometimes get the shakes in my left hand. I have a shock feeling at the top of my head. Leg cramps and sometimes dizziness. I figured it was just something that happens after 50. I have used Poligrip for 18 yrs.

  38. I have been using poly grip for over twenty years. I have had neuropathy for over 20 years. I have to put denture cream on at least 6 to 8 times a day just to keep my dentures in. All of symptom, I thought was related to diabeties. Nerve damage. My feet pains me all the time. I do take medicine to make the pain tolerable. Dizziness, inability to walk straight, can’t stand on one foot with balance. Uses walking cane at time for balance and knee problems. I don’t know Whate to do.

  39. I have been using poligrip strips for the past 3 years. I notice that after about 5 months of using it, I started having pain in both my feet. It started out slowly and would come and go. Then it progressed to a severe burning sensation and hyper sensitivity to the top and bottoms of both of my feet. 99% of the time I am unable to feel my toes. They are cold to the touch and very numb. I have not been able to sleep without socks for 2 1/2 years. Doctors diagnosed me with severe neuropathy. Come to find out it could be the freakin poligrip strips I have been using. That is very upsetting!!!!!!!

  40. Im to having problems finding this product at the top of this information it says 2010 so I’m a little confused about the dates so us the recall now our was it then as a user I’d like to know ?? I don’t have any of the issues people are having that’s why I’m ? This thank you

  41. Been usin super poligrip for a decade now – no problems. Here’s the thing – Ernest, and others. You can’t blame poligrip or fixadent if you are abusing there product. You are NOT suppose to apply denture cream more than once every 8 hours or you will overdose on zinc – its not rocket science. Do you abuse your prescription medication the same way? I don’t understand how the company could be having so many problems with lawsuits – you people are clearly abusing their product and now I , along with many others, cannot get the only denture cream worth a damn. I had to switch to fixadent and the hold only lasts about 5-6 hours where as super poligrip literally lasted 12 hours. Also, get your dentures fitted properly and you need excessive amounts of the cream nor reapplying multiply times throughout the day. Your dentures should stay in place even without cream if the are fitted properly. Everything I seem to have read about this is NOT the companies fault.

  42. Crazy! Never would I have thought that maybe all my symptoms I’ve been dealing with for the last 3 years could be this. I’ve had test after test done mri, ct scans, seen ent, had brain wave test done and everything normal. I have had unexplained dizziness loss of balance feeling as if I were unsteady my headaches have gotten worse and I have also had numbness in my face and lip. I will definitely be seeing the doc to have my zinc level checked I just want to feel better hard to do anything when you feel like you are going to fall on your face

  43. I have used poligrip denture adhesive for over 30 years and have had no adverse reactions, It holds better than Fixodent

  44. I have been using super poligrip powder for over tens
    Years and I am not having any problems at all. Really wondering if everyone’s problem is really from the denture adhesive or if it is in there head.

  45. As with many others, I have been using the supposedly zinc free Super ploygrip free and it is the only thing that works for me.

    I have been able to find it up until the middle of July, and never saw any kind of recall. Other than the price hike, it was available up until then.

    I have never had bloodwork done to check this, but I think I am going to do so just to be on the safe side.

  46. Im confused if superpoligrip has zinc ..why does it say zinc free on the tube?

  47. I have had dentures for many years but about 4 years ago I had to have lower dentures. I wear my dentures 24 hours a day. I must glue my lower dentures in. I tried polygrip at first but switched to Fixodent. About 1 year ago I was tired of my dentures always being loose so I tried polygrip again. I now have dizziness, headaches, numbness and weakness in arms and legs. I have been blacking out and falling down a lot lately. I am not sure I can blame all my problems on super polygrip but I cannot find anything else that hold my lower dentures in place.

  48. My Husband and I have found the pink Zinc Free Super Polygrip is the only thing that works, but like Susan said on 9-9-14 it stated zinc free on the box, so is it or is it not zinc free and why can’t we find it anymore at Walgreens or Walmart. Been looking since august and is not there, also I have not heard about a recall since 2010. So what the Hell is going on and no merchants are posting anything about it. I feel it’s their duty to a citizen health to know if there’s a problem and if we are at risk. Now all I see on the selves are eqaute denture cream at walmart that claims it is zinc free.

  49. I am also confused about this as well. I have noticed recently that poligrip is becoming very difficult to find in stores…. is there something going on that the public is not aware of?? I have been wearing dentures for about 3 years now and within the past year have noticed similar symptoms as far as the dizziness and loss of balance, severe restlessness in my legs and the numbness in my fingers… so should I be concerned that there is still zinc in this product? I only apply the product once a day as directed, but this still is concerning to me.

  50. I’ve been using poligrip since April 2010, now I’ve gone to walgreens, grocery stores, and they don’t have the glue on the shelves, what is going on? Was there another recall on this glue? We need answers… and it states on the tube it’s zinc free, is that a TRUE or FALSE? I’ve noticed myself, i get tingling, sometimes I get light headed, never had this before I got my dentures… Maybe I need to go and get a blood test to see the zinc levels in my system.

  51. I am in the same boat as several of the people in the latest group. I had been using Super Polygrip for the past three years (zinc free) and now I cannot find it on the shelves at any store (and I have looked in multiple states. I would like to know what is going on. I am also suffering pains in my legs and back and am having trouble walking. I think the public deserves some answers and the FDA needs to investigate.

  52. AMAZING. We have used Poligrip since the 70’s with no problem at all. It is a shame when people lie and falsify information for a few dollars. Yes I have pain and all the other things listed above, however, there are explanations for all of it and that is probably true of most of these people who are making these claims. Perhaps I can sue the people who are suing since now that Poligrip is not available I am having trouble eating because my dentures rub on my gums causing pain. Fixodent does not have the consistence that Poligrip does and has to be redone several times a day, using three times as much adhesive than I used with the Poligrip. Almost 50 years of using a wonderful product ruined because of a bunch of BS.

  53. I’ve used poli, for over 35 years and have not had any effects of any kind . My only problem is it cost to much , almost $5 a tube .

  54. Why were the retail stores and such allowed to keep selling these products to the public I am sure they were notified. I called Smith Glaxco and was told that they had taken the product off the shelves because they were having problems obtaining a certain ingredient for the poligrip. I tried two stored Wal-mart and Publix, both had none of this product.

  55. Just started using super polygrib a couple months ago, works so much better than the Fixodent I had been using for years. I have been diagnosed with foot problems, some numbness. Haven’t had any zinc or copper tests but probably need to, have had dentures since 2002.

  56. I’v been using poligrig zinc free for a long time. I have been having problems with my leg muscle weaken, and balancing problems. I thought it was my cholesteromedicine.

  57. I have been to three different stores and they don’t have Super Poligrip Free (the green box). Two of the stores only had poligrip for partials, and today I went to CVS and they did not have any poligrip on their shelves, only Fixodent. What is going on?????

  58. 09-22-2013 11:34 pm
    Used Poligrip original and super for many years.
    I have fallen several times in the past few months with injury to face, back, legs. Doctors couldn’t explain it. Feels like losing balance too often. Also tingling pain in both feet.
    I found just within past week or so I couldn’t buy it anywhere, didn’t know about recall until tonight when it came to me there might be recall. I looked it up on internet and was astonished to know of the zinc poisoning.
    God help us from the drug companies who don’t warn us of side effects & possible disasters from products.

  59. I have been using Poligrip Free since it first came out. Onlt denture adhesive that doesn’t affect taste of food. I used the regular before that. In all I have used this product about 12-13 years. No side effects that I am aware of. When will we be able to get Poligrip products again? There is nothing to compare. I have been forced to try store brands that compare themselves to Poligrip but they do not compare.

  60. I think you all are truly full of it literally. I have been using super poligrip for 10 years now. No side effects no pain, just a very good product that all you people need something to blame. I use it everyday, and I mean I probably use twice as much as everyone else.

  61. I have used Poligrip powder for over 35 years. About 2 years ago my legs became weak and if I kneel I can’t get up without help from a chair or something. I use Poligrip powder on both uppers and lowers. Legs hurt a lot now but I don’t know the cause. Hate taking pills. Will stop using Poligrip if I can find something else. I always felt I used too much powder. Besides I almost out of Poligrip anyway. Can stand lose dentures.

  62. I am new to dentures (little over 6 months). I found that I had to use a combination of the powder and paste. I will admit to using a Kroger brand alternative for the paste, Poligrip was the only brand I could find for the powder.

    I know my dentures probably need more adjustments for a better fit, but I had not had any problems in regards to dizziness or numbness.

    Does anyone know of an alternative powder?

  63. I have been getting painfull injections in my neck because the doctor thought it might be a pinched nerve causing the numbness in my hands and arms. this has been going on for a while and it affecting my job as a waitress terribly. i actually didnt know anything about the recall i was Googling to figure out why i couldnt purchase it anymore because the stuff works awesome !!!!!! I will continue to use the Zinc Free version of Poligrip because nothing else works as well for me.

  64. My husband been using poligrip zinc free for years now we cant find it anywhere either in NH. He is using fixadent but says it doesnt last to long and has to reglue his dentures 2 or 3x a day. We did go to another town and saw 8 small size boxes of poligrip on the shelf so i told my husband quick take them all we have no idea if we will find any more anytime soon. the cashier looked at us kind of funny when she started scanning 8 boxes of the stuff. anyways hopefully there will be more available soon..

  65. I have been using Poligrip zinc free (green box) for about 3-4 years. It has been the best adhesive I have used. Have even been able to eat corn on the cob!!! Now I can’t find it anywhere.. I have been experiencing neuropathy in my feet with numbness for sometime now. I have been attributing it to a side affect to chemotherapy and radiation that I had 12 years ago. Guess I had better get some blood levels done. My oncologist tells me that she does not think my symptoms are related to my treatment

  66. I have been using Poligrip Free for about five years now and have not experienced any of the above, listed symptoms. I cannot find it anywhere now. I do not like Fixodent at all, however, it’s the only thing I can find now. It’s very bitter and it makes everything that I eat taste different. I miss Poligrip!!

  67. I went to three stores last night looking for the Super Poligrip (the gold box) Walgreens, Wal Mart and CVS, the gal at CVS said they had some in the back room however they where told not to sell it at this time, but she could not give me a answerer as to why. Weird that none of them knew what was going on and no recall notice hanging up on the shelf. Oh and I also have all the same symptoms as so many have mentioned but I’m not sure if it is from Super Poligrip or from my diabetes.

  68. I have used the powder for a couple years and it is the only thing I like ( ploy grip) now I am having problems finding something that works as good I hope it comes back soon

  69. After reading the comments, I will say that I suffer from many of the symptoms described. BUT, I do not use denture adhesive. Some of the symptoms may indicate diabetes, circulation, eye trouble, old age, early onset Alzheimer’s and inner ear problems. See your doctor or medical team (not a lawyer) to be sure the problem lies with the adhesive. Otherwise, you may end up dead from something which if caught early can save your life.

  70. I too have used Super Poligrip Free for almost 19 years and all of a sudden I cannot find it anywhere !!! Help!! I hate Fixodent. It has a weird taste . But I need something . Please let us know whats going on ? I have never had any trouble with this product .

  71. OK everyone realizes that if you are using denture cream you are probably a bit older and all of those symptoms could fit 100 different illnesses. Also you would need repeated blood test showing high enough levels of zinc Levels to cause these types of severe issues. Plus vitamins incl copper would help balance zinc in your diet. Personally I can’t stand fixodent and can’t find polident anywhere and its driving me nuts.

  72. My husband and I both have full denture sets. My husband can use most anything but I soon learned that I couldn’t use anything with color (migraine) used zinc free so that is what my husband uses and likes. I recently got a tube that was completely clear and all you could taste was petroleum jelly and mineral oil, compared the boxes and realized some ingredients have been removed. We have been using Poligrip because fixodent has never worked as well for us . like some of the rest , I found this page while trying to find who might have this available. I guess the answer is going to be nobody. Thanks for the information, think it explains a lot.

  73. I intend to have our doctor check my husband for elevated zinc levels . He’s been using this product for a long time and in the last couple of years has experience pain in the legs and feet to the point that it’s affecting his lifestyle. We have an appt. with a neurologist and will definately bring this matter up. He too has had trouble locating this product as it seems to be out of stock in a number of stores that he has gone looking for it.

  74. This is horrible! Poligrip powder is the only product that keeps my dentures stable enough for me to eat. Now I can’t find it any where except the websites that are taking advantage of this situation to charge $27 a bottle for it. Can’t you just put a warning on the packaging to protect against these people and their frivolous lawsuits so the rest of us who use this product regularly with no problems can continue to do so? So, since a few people CLAIM that the product is causing issues for them, those of us who cannot even eat properly without it must suffer?

  75. I agree with Julie. I have been using Polident for years never had any propblems.But I have been using the zinc free Polident.Now I can’t find it either. I hate Fixadent but now I have to use it.

  76. I understand the concern about zinc causing problems and I definitely need to speak with my doctor about tests since I’ve had health issues similar to those listed which certainly coincide with my use of adhesives with zinc.
    My concern in the meantime is finding an alternative product that works. Poligrip powder has been the ONLY one that works for me and I’ve tried everything else multiple times. I live in a large metropolitan area and my search yields NO poligrip adhesives of any kind. Why aren’t zinc free products available? Doesn’t make sense since obviously many, many people are happy with poligrip adhesives even without the zinc.
    Does anyone have suggestions for a replacement until this issue is resolved? Walgreens posted a sign saying poligrip products wouldn’t be available until LATE 2015!
    Also wondering if all the symptoms are reversible once the zinc is out of one’s system? Need some hope.

  77. I found out from a pharmacist that they are going to put it back on the market towards the end of November.

  78. The Poligrip powder is all I care to use and eating as said earlier is very difficult without it and my dentures have a good fit.
    I have not liked anything else I have tried.
    I’ve been going nuts to try to find it.

    WalMart tells me it is coming back and is “on order” but when is not known.
    I see myself spending a lot of time without my dentures.

  79. I love Poligrip powder for years I couldn’t use the cream’s because they started eating away at my mouth then I found the alternative poly grip powder the powder never gave me any ill effects of God please give me back my powderit’s the only thing that I can use

  80. I’ve been looking everywhere for polygrip and I found 2 tubes. I’ve tried powders and other brands but the Gold and White label products are the only ones that work for me.
    I’ve only been using the Zinc free type and have no problems resulting from it’s use that I’m aware of.

  81. I’ve been having the same problems

  82. I also have been looking everywhere for Poligrip powder, the only product that keeps my dentures safely in place – please, please bring it back – have never experienced any physical problems with this product until now when I am constantly nervous about my dentures becoming loose- Please help!!

  83. I have been using Super Poli-Dent powder for years and have not had any problems. I worked in a brass foundry for 18 years and my Zinc level was high but did not have any problems. There were no government Zinc levels in place. I feel that a lot of people are money hungry.

  84. I for one am happy that this has been recalled. Yes it is an inconvenience to me as it’s the only adhesive that I like, but because these concerns and issues need to be dealt with. I need to be safe.

    I’ve been having lung issues, coughing up what I thought was phlegm, rattling in my chest, and what felt like bronchitis for months now. It’s GlaxoSmithKline’s responsibility if they are going to provide a product to make sure that it is safe for the consumer.

    I am all for all natural adhesives.

  85. Poligrip power can easily be found on amazon.com but be in for a major price shock. I still bought it!

  86. I’ve had dentures since 1972. Never fit so I always used Wernerts powder . I couldn’t get it any more so 1 year ago I switched to Poligrip powder.I didn’t know there was a problem with the powder until I couldn’t find it on the shelves anymore. For the last 8 months I thought I had”bad breath” . I have this metallic taste in my mouth all the time& now there is some slight tingling of my finger tips. Why was this never in our local news? It appears to have been known about the zinc for years. I switched to the zinc free cream today but it doesn’t hold the top denture! I just found out about this toxicity yesterday Oct 26, 2014!!!

  87. I have used Polident for more yrs than I can count. Never had any of the symptoms everyone is talking.Here is the big but I have been using Fixodent now and I hate it. It’s been about 2 wks now and my mouth hurts. Feels like I have eaten a bushel of lemons. The tingling and almost burning feeling I have all the time. So what is in Fixodent that is not in Polident that makes my mouth hurt? Now I leave my dentures out as much as possible.

  88. First of all I would like to thank all the sue happy people for getting a product that works taken off the shelf of many stores.I also want to ask a question to all the sue happy lawers and the ones that hired them if they have ever taken a vitamin or a multivitamin ??well guess you might want to sue them as well as “oh my gosh” you got about the same level of zinc in them as well or even better,how about suing the federal government for making fish have so much mercury in them from all the batteries the coast guard dumps in the ocean every time they change batteries in the beacons that mark dangerous areas in the ocean.you people are making me have tremers and hot flashes just reading some of these post.get a life and face the fact that you as well as myself (which I am now 53) simply didn’t take as good a care of our bodies as we should have.I have had 3 back fusion surgeries and was told I need another so whatca think.should I blame a denture glue company for it ??? Oh and did I mention I have used this product for the past 10 years and would like to continue using it as fixadent won’t and don’t work near as well as poligrip…to the makers of poligrip…where can I purchase your product ?? I will even buy direct from you and pay shipping as I said the other products just do not work…please let me know soon…..

  89. I have searched high and low for polident powder and the only place I’ve found it is online. Can you believe I can buy 6 boxes online for $315.00? Another wants $22.95 a box. Now why is such a harmful product selling for such a ridiculous price? It’s a great product and in great demand so time to stop the craziness. Please put the product back on the shelves with a warning and make a lot of satisfied customers happy.

  90. I never had problem with Poligrip Powder. I want it back!

  91. Can’t take it. When will the zinc be gone so we can get back to using our Poligrip (Extra Strength) Powder? Finally ran completely out and purchased Fixodent powder….hate it, but it’s still on the store shelf with a warning saying that it contains zinc……why can’t GSK do the same? Trutly love the product but can’t afford onine price of 6 boxes for $315.00. HURRY PLEASE!!!!!;

  92. i have noticed my legs getting real weak and have bad balance i didnt even know there was zinc in it as i will go get checked out but i used pollygrip powder for 5 mnths now love it nothing else works! had used other products and had to keep redoing them every hour please bring it back soon.

  93. I have been using hologram powder since 2003I have suffered from England sensation loss of balance and unable to regain balance constant headaches and tingling in Limbs

  94. My husband and I drove all over looking for the super poligrip powder. There is none anywhere, it is the only thing that helps not get mouth sores and hold the teeth all do. This is bs we want this product back now!!!! Never had a problem with the product people need to stop trying to make a quick buck and stop messing a good thing up.

  95. First I used Rigedent worked great then they pulled it, then started the poly grip powder no problem worked great, now that’s gone I am screwed this really sucks thanks all you gold diggers Now I cant keep my teeth in my mouth

  96. I have been using super polygrip for 20 years, never thought I had a problem until I see symptoms written by others. I’m shocked to find out the zinc problem and that explains Alot of weird feelings I’ve been experiencing. Numbness in my hands and feet especially at night and upon waking, off balance quite often, tingling sensations throughout the day. Iam so disappointed in this company for not telling us about this sooner. GOD only knows how high my zinc levels are, will be going to get it checked asap!!!!

  97. I love the powder , this really sucks can’t use anything else . I have used the polygrip powder for 2 yrs never had a problem .please bring back don’t no what to use. Thanks

  98. need this powder back- fast.

  99. I have all the symptoms as stated

  100. I have been using it for years never had any problems!!!!! think that some people just want to blame there problems on anything that they think will win them a law suit. Get real America!!! what about Fixodent they even tell you it has zinc!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  101. I am writing this for my mother who has used the powder for over 20 years. My mother has neuropathy, a gait disturbance, tingling in her feet, she has also fallen several times and had to have several plates and a rod put into het body. I am now wondering if this could be the answer to her problems.

  102. I’ve been using the powder for about 5 yrs. and I agree, it’s the only thing that seemed to do the trick. I have uppers, and they fit very well but, I believe I used it for the extra assurance that they wouldn’t come out at the wrong time. I can’t find it anywhere in my area of Va.either but, today is the first I’ve heard of this lawsuit. I have arthritis and things going on but, will be 57 next month so, I attribute many things to age. I only take a heartburn pill each morning so my meds probably have nothing to do with what I think is the aging process. I had/have a rash from time to time that focuses on my neck, inner arms, and eyelids. The dr. said it’s eczema but yet no meds for it work. I’ve been unemployed/uninsured for 5 months so, if anything’s out of whack (zinc, etc.), there’s nothing I can do about it. I even thought it was my hair color so about 4 years ago, I decided to go natural (white), and that was not the culprit…is this just a coincidence? Hmmm, I’m starting to wonder now.

  103. My mother has used this product for 20 some odd years and now has neuropathy and has fallen several times.

  104. I have beenusing poligrip tooth powder since 1970. It is the only powder I find that works on my upper dentures. I called the company and they told me it was coming back to the stores in Nov. I still can not find it. Please help us people to be comfortable. We need the poli-grip powder. Thankls,Rae

  105. I’ve used super poligrip powder for nearly 15 years , and never had any problems with it. Please bring it back as soon as possible, I can’t find anything to hold my full upper plate in place.

  106. I just want to know if the poli grip extra strength powder be back on the market with or without zink my husband has been using it for years with no problem. now he cannot find a powder that holds at all. we tried to find some in stores and pharmacies without any luck can you help us thanks for your time

  107. Please let me know when you will have the replacement for you previous product Poli Grip and where it may be purchased! The need is still there and your company always provided an excellent products. Thank You in advance for your kindly reply!

  108. I have been using Poligrip powder for many, many years with no adverse effect. This was a “buy-out of Werndt’s denture powder from years back. I have searched high and low for the powder and cannot find it any where. If zinc is the problem “take it out” of the product and return it to the shelves!!!!!

  109. I have found poligrip powder to be the very best product on the market. I hope that it is back in stores soon.

  110. I have used this Super Poligrip Powder for 10 years plus and have absolutely no problems in my body at all as some are stating they have. It is the best thing out there and if it doesn’t work for you, then don’t use it. But, don’t take it off the market for those of us who want to keep using it. BRING IT BACK. It isn’t what is hurting these people.

  111. As you can see I live in New Zealand and cannot find poly grip anywhere I get fixodent dual power sent from the uk but no where as good really annoyed as surely using one product once a day is much better than using an inferior one endless times

  112. My husband has used Super Poligrip Powder since he got his dentures. He liked it a lot better than Fixodent or any other products. Do you have any idea of when you might be putting it back on the shelves? Please make it soon.

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