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The lawyers at Saiontz & Kirk, P.A. are investigating potential lawsuits for women nationwide who may be entitled to settlements for internal injuries caused by Bard Avaulta mesh. Thousands of women throughout the United States are pursuing Bard Avaulta vaginal mesh lawsuits over serious complications suffered after surgery, such as pain, infection, erosion of the mesh or other problems.

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Several cases have already gone before juries, with millions in damages from Bard Avaulta mesh awarded as a result of the manufacturer’s failure to properly research the design or warn about the risk of serious and painful problems.

Free consultations are provided to help determine if you, a friend or family member may be eligible for Bard Avaulta mesh settlement. It is not necessary for women to know the type of surgical mesh they received during their transvaginal surgery. Request a free and confidential claim evaluation.


The Bard Avaulta Anterior and Posterior Biosynthetic Support System, also commonly referred to as Bard Avaulta Mesh or Bard Avaulta System, is a vaginal mesh created by C.R. Bard to correct and restore normal vaginal structure after a pelvic organ prolapse (POP).

Bard Avaulta Cases

Bard Avaulta mesh lawsuits are being reviewed for women who have experienced:

  • Infection
  • Erosion of the Mesh
  • Urinary Problems
  • Pelvic Pain
  • Vaginal Pain
  • Hardening of the Mesh
  • Injury to Nearby Organs
  • Difficulty during Sex

Pelvic organ prolapse, which sometimes occurs in women after childbirth or surgery, causes the womb to fall into the vaginal area.  This can also lead to the bladder and bowels slipping out of place and putting pressure on the vagina, which causes pain and discomfort, as well as urinary incontinence in some cases.  However, a growing number of women treated with the Bard Avaulta system have indicated that defects in the design of the vaginal mesh caused them to suffer severe injuries and complications after surgery.

Synthetic mesh systems like the Bard Avaulta have been linked to numerous reports of problems, most frequently involving erosion, extrusion, infection, hardening of the mesh, chronic pain and damage to surrounding organs.

According to information discovered during the Bard Avaulta mesh litigation, C.R. Bard knew or should have known about the risk of problems, yet they continued to market and promote the surgical mesh as safe and effective for treatment of pelvic organ prolapse and stress urinary incontinence. Internal documents suggest that the manufacture was aware that some of the materials used were unfit for use in humans.

The Bard Avaulta is designed to allow tissue infiltration, which makes it very dangerous and complicated to remove the vaginal mesh. Complications from Bard Avalta and from mesh removal are life-changing and can be irreversible.

Removal of eroded or infected Bard Avaulta mesh poses a risk of permanent disfigurement, hemorrhage and other potentially life-threatening problems.  Complete Bard Avaulta mesh removal often requires multiple surgery procedures and results in scarring of pelvic tissue and muscles.


At this time, all lawsuits over Bard Avaulta mesh are being reviewed and filed by our lawyers as individual injury claims, not as a Bard Avaulta class action suit.  With many cases involving similar allegations being filed on behalf of women throughout the United States, the Bard Avaulta litigation has proceeded during pretrial proceedings in a similar fashion to how a class action lawsuit would be managed.  However, each claim will remain an individual Bard Avaulta claim.

Bard Avaulta lawsuits allege that C.R. Bard was negligent in the design and sale of the Avault system.  Since the vaginal mesh was introduced, the manufacturer knew or should have known that the Bard Avaulta mesh was defective and could lead to erosion, hardening and shrinkage of the mesh materials and other complications that may have a devastating impact on women.

Despite the known risks of Bard Avault procedure complications, the manufacturer failed to adequately research the product and establish that it provides both long term and short term efficacy.  In addition, they concealed known risks and failed to warn of the dangers and risks with Bard Avaulta mesh for pelvic organ prolapse.

The manufacturer has already agreed to pay several Bard Avaulta mesh settlements, and women who have experienced problems may still have additional time to file a case.


The Bard Avaulta Mesh attorneys at Saiontz & Kirk, P.A. investigate potential claims for women throughout the country who have experienced problems or complications following surgical procedures to treat pelvic organ prolapse.  Even if women are uncertain whether they received the Bard Avaulta system, a free consultation and claim evaluation are available to help determine if financial compensation may be available.

All Bard Avaulta lawsuits are reviewed and pursued under a contingency fee, which means that there are no fees or expenses unless a recovery is obtained.  To review a potential case for yourself, a friend or family member, contact our Bard Avaulta lawyers today.