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Carbon Monoxide


Carbon Monoxide Poisoning for Pregnant Women Poses a Serious Risk

While exposure to carbon monoxide poses a serious health concern for everyone, pregnant women face a particularly high risk, and special treatments may be required to protect the developing baby in the event of carbon monoxide poisoning during pregnancy.  […]

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XSport Gym Carbon Monoxide Leak Highlights Exposure Risks

A recent carbon monoxide leak at XSport Fitness Gym in Alexandria, Virginia highlights the dangers associated with this toxic gas, which can quickly overcome individuals and result in permanent brain damage after even a short exposure. The carbon monoxide lawyers at Saiontz & Kirk, P.A. have already been contacted by some who were injured as a result of this incident, which appears to have been entirely avoidable. […]

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Keyless Ignition Carbon Monoxide Risk Detailed in ABC News Report

Keyless ignition systems used in many newer cars have been linked a number of carbon monoxide poisoning deaths in recent years, where the vehicles are accidentally left running, allowing a dangerous amount of fumes to build up and leak into the home. However, there are several steps that auto makers could take to reduce the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning from keyless ignitions. […]

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Carbon Monoxide Detector Placement is Important for Reducing Risk of Poisoning

Amid the cold winter weather blanketing most of the U.S., it is important for families to protect themselves from the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning, which may result in severe injury or death. Having a working and properly placed carbon monoxide detector is the first step. […]

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Put Fresh Batteries in Carbon Monoxide Alarms, Smoke Detectors

As we prepare to adjust our clocks this weekend for Daylight Savings it is important to remember to put fresh batteries in your family’s smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors… and if you don’t have a CO detector, get one! […]

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Legal Sea Foods Carbon Monoxide Poisoning in New York

Over the weekend, dozens were injured and at least one man was killed from a carbon monoxide leak at a New York restaurant, which likely could have been prevented with the use of simple carbon monoxide detectors.

This tragedy comes on the heels over another carbon monoxide leak at the Westin Hotel near BWI Airport here in Maryland last weekend, which may have exposed several hundred people to the effects of this toxic gas. […]

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Westin BWI Airport Hotel Carbon Monoxide Lawsuits

The lawyers at Saiontz & Kirk, P.A. are reviewing potential injury claims and class action lawsuits for individuals who may have been exposed to a carbon monoxide gas leak at the Westin BWI Airport hotel over the weekend of February 14th to 16th. […]

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Furnace, Hot Water Heater or Boiler Carbon Monoxide Leak Problems

Defective boilers, furnaces and hot water heater in the home may pose a serious risk of carbon monoxide poisoning problems if they are defectively designed, improperly installed or negligently serviced. This reality was highlighted this week, with a recall issued for thousands of Crown Boiler gas hot water boilers, which may be installed in homes nationwide and pose a risk of leaking carbon monoxide gas into the home. […]

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Check Carbon Monoxide Detectors Too As Clocks Fall Back

Over the past weekend, we all rolled back our clocks on Saturday night and received multiple reminders that we should also check to make sure that our fire alarms are in working order. However, it is equally important that individuals make sure they have a functioning carbon monoxide detector in their home as well! […]

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Boat Carbon Monoxide Poisoning Lawsuits

As summer gets into full swing, an increasing number of cases involving carbon monoxide poisoning on boats are being reported. Federal health officials have warned that carbon monoxide exposure on boats is often unexpected and a misunderstood health hazard, which can cause permanent brain damage or death. […]